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How can your business site gain exposure with precise press releases?

A well-prepared news item certainly can get ranked higher in Yahoo News, Google News, and other leading news based search engines. A thoroughly and expertly optimized social media release can do the trick by giving your business much desired online exposure. It has the potential to draw more traffic to your site through the Web page links in the release.

A positive buzz built around this consistent news flow can work wonders for your brand identity. As we’ve already understood in the previous post, using SEO-centric and social media driven releases are essential to drive the target audience to your site. How is this made possible?

Higher search engine ranking

  • The more visibility your press release enjoys in top search engine results, the greater chances are that media personnel and avid bloggers will at some stage take note of your products/services and write about them.
  • If they happen to make a favorable mention of your business in their posts and perhaps add a link to your e-commerce site, this is bound to boost its search engine ranking.

Neutralize the negative news flow

  • Conversely, if your products/services are receiving negative word of mouth from bloggers and reviewers in Yelp reviews or on other sites, you can neutralize the negative news flow with releases that will help drive a positive sentiment.
  • You can effectively counter the criticism that appears in search engine queries of your brand with a well-timed and well-optimized release. It will help your business deal with the bad news flow in the search results by neutralizing with some favorable reviews.

Keyword rich and focused copy

  • Identify the goals of your press release, keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of your target audience. Having a clearer picture of both will help in creating a focused copy. Know their ‘pain points’ of your target audience. Many people visit online engines in search of a solution to a specific problem with queries like ‘How to solve, how to manage, and how to deal with’.
  • By articulating problems and needs of your potential customers in practical terms and a simple language (cutting down on hype or jargon), you shall be able to boost the chances of your press release getting a higher place in search results.

Enhanced features and add-ons

  • Insert relevant Web links and infographics to add value to the release so that the readers know more about your products/services.
  • Try to incorporate features like embedded video clips catchy visuals, and options to share the content on social networks. As we’ve already discussed, it is advisable to incorporate a link to your business site in the release posted on online platforms like PRWeb and PR Newswire.

By employing a strategy that amalgamates the above ideas in the press releases, your brand and business will certainly gain the desired online visibility.