How to make your site user-friendly with a heat map suite?

User Testing is usually done for the purpose of usability testing. In this real visitors are thoroughly tested on your site to understand they engage with specific elements of the site. A summary of problems that they encountered while navigating your website can come in handy. Certain small, albeit significant changes in your webpage layout and presentation based on the findings can enhance your sales to make your E-Commerce venture sustainable.

Ingredients of a heat map

An elaborate heat map will usually include Mouse Move heat map, Click Heat map, Attention Heat map and Scroll reach Heat map. As we’ve grasped in our previous post, Mouse Move heat map lets a site owner find out exactly what the visitors are looking at within the specific pages. Precise aggregation of their mouse movements leads to a visual representation, which makes relevant summarization possible.

Mouse Move heat map involves an elaborate study of the users’ mouse movements, to help you grasp what areas they tend to focus on while checking a specific webpage. With Attention Heat map, site owners can check the attention level of users to specific areas of your pages. It points to areas of the site visitors prefer to check as well as overlook altogether.

Scroll reach Heat map

  • Scroll reach Heat map comes into play when you are keen to know your fold. This is something very handy for a small business site owner! It makes possible to find out like never before where on a page the page fold precisely lies, essentially how far down the site visitors scroll, and where they opt to abandon the webpage.
  • You can work out on basis of research-based facts and not mere guesswork as which webpage probably needs to be kept shorter, and which one can be longer. The decision can be made and page length can be adjusted on basis of your visitors’ scrolling habits. This is very critical for E-Commerce pages like sales pitches or product catalog pages.
  • Rearranging your page length and layout allows you to maximize its effectiveness by providing content in a more reader friendly format. For instance, you may realize that important text matter right at the bottom of the webpage is drawing greater reader attention. You can then bring it upfront so that they can easily see it, thus increasing its effectiveness.
  • A thorough analysis of the site users’ scrolling habits will allow you to change ad placement. Optimizing your advertising location, you can make it more impactful and boost your ad-based revenue. In essence, you can maximize the ad revenue as well as have a neat and more user-friendly webpage design. The two aspects are very critical to any E-Commerce venture.

To sum it up, a complete and comprehensive heat map suite helps you identify, revise and constantly monitor problem areas, thus significantly bringing down abandonment rates.