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How to make your site user-friendly with a heat map suite?

User Testing is usually done for the purpose of usability testing. In this real visitors are thoroughly tested on your site to understand they engage with specific elements of the site. A summary of problems that they encountered while navigating your website can come in handy. Certain small, albeit significant changes in your webpage layout and presentation based on the findings can enhance your sales to make your E-Commerce venture sustainable. Continue reading

Tools to remove obstructions in your conversion funnels

Heat maps can be termed as aggregated reports, which visually display the areas of a particular webpage that are looked at, more regularly clicked on, prominently focused on and more interacted with by your business site visitors. This helps establish a firm pattern of users or your potential customers and their online behavior. From this perspective, another important cog in the wheel is Click Heat map. We shall now understand the role they play in ensuring higher conversions. Continue reading