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Maximize your RoI of advertising spend in the search marketplace

The new Yahoo!-Microsoft Search alliance is aimed at combining the strengths of two companies to create a better choice in search with the enhanced scale and reach. It will let searchers get relevant results quicker. The combined entity promises to offer more value and deliver increased returns for advertisers. It will also bring improved results for web publishers. If the alliance succeeds in delivering what it has promised, it will be great for search marketers.

A new powerful platform for search campaigns

There is a lot of buzz in the search marketplace, as search ad inventory from Microsoft, Yahoo! and their respective partners gets combined into a stronger unified entity. The former will manage the technology platforms, which deliver the algorithmic as well as paid search results, whereas Yahoo! will support advertisers, SEO and SEM agencies on exclusive basis. In addition, adCenter will act as the sole platform for all search campaigns.

It is important note that for users paying their Yahoo! search account with PayPal and eligible for the same in adCenter, re-entering the requisite details is mandatory, since it will not be carried over by default as part of the transition process. Those having a prepaid balance remaining from their earlier Yahoo! Search Marketing account, that amount may be refunded by Yahoo! or get credited to the new adCenter account, once the transition is complete.

A boost to your marketing efforts

  • To boost your search advertising, the new platform has on offer several features like video tutorials, a set of tools designed for improved performance and efficiency plus unique targeting features to enjoy granular control of the marketing efforts.
  • You can meet your geographical targeting goals by choosing countries/ regions, states/ provinces, and even metro areas/ cities where a majority of your audience is based.
  • You have the option to precisely adjust demographic as well as age targeting in adCenter, and you can also select the time periods that you want your ads to display.
  • Recognizing the fact that all clicks are not created equal, the new search entity looks to help users with your campaign’s ROI management.
  • It automatically adjusts your click charges on basis of the performance of traffic from sources within the network. The assessment will help you get discounts on lower-performing traffic click charges.

Illustrating its user-friendliness, the site mentions: “To maximize your RoI of advertising spend, adCenter comes up with the sort of audience intelligence that let you reach the people who are actually spending money online, at the right opportunity and time. With help of it, you know exactly where and when all your potential customers are there to be easily accessed. You can find out the time they like going online. This will help you communicate with them when you’re sure your valued customers will be there keen to tune in.”

Importantly, you will pay for the clicks only after you actually receive them. You are not needed to prepay.