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Social media is totally revolutionizing the recruitment scene

Until only a few years ago, searching for a good job involved a relatively straightforward method. The steps were simple and defined: Pen a résumé. Scour the classifieds or job sites, and then submit your application for lucrative listings, which seem appropriate.

Once you reach out to potential recruiters, you would wait. All this does not anymore work so easily! Tech-savvy businesses are adopting novel ways to find new talent. The recruiting firms are looking for candidates through new media channels, doing away with traditional methods of locating candidates.

Job-search undergoes a dramatic change

Like almost everything else in today’s business, even the job-search processes have undergone a dramatic change since the advent of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and several other popular social networking sites.

Prospective job seekers today ought to learn to deftly navigate the tricky and oft slippery social mores of evolving online discourse.For example, managing to promote themselves as skilled professionals sans coming off as too self-involved is extremely important.  They, at the same time must be constantly careful in protecting their online reputation. This is because even the slightest slip may well drive away potential employers.

Maintain a dynamic profile on social networking sites

Businesses and potential recruiters won’t even know how to find a candidate if he or she doesn’t have an active online presence. It’s something that is non-negotiable. In other words, you have to maintain a dynamic profile on a couple of popular social networking sites, as a norm. It will be very helpful for your future success.

However, for many individuals searching for work, the technological demands of the new-age, technology driven job hunt present a major challenge. It acts as big hurdle instead of an opportunity to be grabbed. Increasingly, such people are turning up for assistance at the career offices as well as continuing education divisions of either their local universities or community colleges.

Learn how to employ the new tools effectively

For career counselors, teaching new recruits how to employ these new tools effectively is becoming one of the major activities. They are guiding skilled albeit less tech-savvy people convincing them that social media is indeed a great way to show potential employers their abilities. It is important to stay tuned to today’s cutting-edge trends.