Tools to remove obstructions in your conversion funnels

Heat maps can be termed as aggregated reports, which visually display the areas of a particular webpage that are looked at, more regularly clicked on, prominently focused on and more interacted with by your business site visitors. This helps establish a firm pattern of users or your potential customers and their online behavior. From this perspective, another important cog in the wheel is Click Heat map. We shall now understand the role they play in ensuring higher conversions.

Click Heat map

  • As you check the areas of your site that your visitors click more often, you will realize that it can be a link, an image, some text or even dead space on that page. It is necessary to find out and remove the obstructions, if any, in your conversion funnels by following what ads, images, copy and links are not being able to get the desired amount of clicks.
  • Also, know what call-to-action buttons are somehow being ignored. You may notice that a large number of visitors are currently clicking on parts of the webpage that aren’t really links. And they perhaps should be, you will discover.
  • See if they are clicking on text like ‘Special Offers’ banners, icons or buttons, without getting led anywhere. If such critical page elements are not perhaps linked to anything substantial, it is imperative that you will lose potential customers and precious sales!
  • Why not do a quick and easy A/B testing to increase your site’s conversion rates in dramatic proportions. Know how even subtle design modifications in different page versions will lead to improvement in your site visitors’ engagement, and boost your ROI.

Attention Heat map

  • Check the level of attention a specific area of your website does usually get from the visitors. Know the content pages that your visitors most frequently like to visit and read. Find out the pages they tend to overlook or totally skip over. Accordingly, you may devise your content strategy exactly to match your visitors’ interests. This will obviously ensure maximum engagement and a better conversion rate.
  • Once you are able to grasp precisely what the visitors prefer to read and the form of content they prefer – plain text, audio-visual or summarized format – you are in a position to structure the pages accordingly. This will help you make a perfect copy that will hold your visitors’ attention, and reduce abandonment rates.
  • In effect, web marketers can easily locate redundant content and specific webpages that visitors mostly skip. If these areas or pages are continued with, it will only add to readers’ frustration and ire. This also shows lack of use friendly approach, which can ultimately prompt potential customers to move away from the site. You will thus end up losing precious sales opportunity, adversely affecting you profit margins.

The above explanation underlines the critical role that the tools like Heat maps play and how valuable they are to any E-Commerce venture.