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Align yourself to new customer engagement metrics, here’s why!

What’s really pushing up the fast-changing consumer behavior pattern is the latent multiplier network effect of the user chain deftly built through the self-generated and widely circulated content plus the resultant cumulative knowledge base. Continue reading

What are the different social media channels and their advantages?

An array of new media channels are now available, providing an effective means of reaching out to prospects on the Web. Developing a strategy for branding and marketing on these networks necessitates proper integration of the different forms and platforms. We shall consider some of them in this series of posts: Continue reading

Use your blog to enhance reach within the online realm

While a large chunk of the online publishers do not always attract the attention of anyone else but indulgent relatives, friends and family members, there are those who do manage to derive a reasonable audience base and good income. Especially budding entrepreneurs must make the optimum use of blogging for business success.  But blogging isn’t as easy and simplistic as it seems. Continue reading

Is it possible for blogs to click their way to riches?

Starting a business site or personal blog can at times seem like randomly casting a digital message in a ubiquitous bottle deep into the vast sea of online content. Many site owners do so hoping earnestly that someone might enjoy and appreciate their captivating cupcake recipes, precocious parrot videos or even pithy commentary on humdrum of everyday life. Then there are others who set out to develop loyal and sizable followings, keen to strike money from the pool of audiences. Continue reading

What holds the key to your blog’s popularity?

Blogs are also hosted by individual professionals as well as corporate entities who are keen to venture out online, create buzz with their posts, and build an identity for themselves. It gives you the perfect chance to strike a rapport with your potential customers, acting as a perfect antidote to mostly impersonal official corporate sites. Continue reading

Important aspects of managing your brand’s online reputation

Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming popular and highly effective microblogging platforms for small businesses to build relationships with their esteemed customers. Tech-savvy brand owners are now keen on managing and enhancing their online reputation. Social media for them is very crucial in terms of survival and success. Continue reading