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Understanding the finer aspects of Analytics reports

When checking Analytics reports, it’s difficult at times to exactly visualize how site visitors navigate on any given webpage. For the purpose of making this easier, some users prefer to keep the site open in a separate browser tab so as to reference it when they look through a report. Some other might depend on the Site Overlay report. Continue reading

Insight into new version of Google Analytics and its custom report features

By creating an additional dashboard your account, you can focus on some of your key metrics. Google Analytics has made available the new dashboards as part of the new version of Google Analytics. The new, enhanced features are just the beginning of the impending changes to the new analytics platform over time. Following is the key feature you can try out in the Analytics v5: Continue reading

A primer to Google Analytics new version

The Google Analytics new version is available to all users in most major languages. After you sign into the account, you will notice a link to the latest version at top right corner of your account page. A host of new features have been made available to help users for a better and more insightful analysis of the data. Continue reading