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Checklist of less important SEO factors

Mostly, SEO experts discuss important factors employed by top search engines for ranking. But not many of them talk of the non-ranking factors. In this post, we shall look at some of the aspects that can be tackled on the least priority basis simply based on an assumption that they do not give tangible benefits compared to the efforts and energy spent on them to boost your site’s search engine ranking. It’s not to say that these are areas to be ignored totally, but they should not take up unncesessary time and attention of yours. Continue reading

An effective action plan to draw natural links

If you are going to write a series of informative pieces on insurance or mutual funds for your finance blog, keen to access a wider pool of users across the Web, the key is to keep them factually correct and informative, updated and contemporary. The most important aspect is to make the content useful and relevant for your users. Next part is linking it up to external sources to add value and context to it. Continue reading

Attributes of a competent PPC campaign management resource

You need a good PPC campaign management resource that can take care of your accounts and campaigns well. What are the attributes of a reliable service that will ensure that you are able to make gains?  Let us try to summarize the virtues that will make you task of arriving at a decision in this regard: Continue reading

A search based start-up that focuses on filling knowledge gap

In the online realm and the vast World Wide Web, the ‘search’ is invariably on for that next big thing. Quora is one website, which is probably drawing the maximum attention. It allows people to find as well as follow the specific activity of their virtual friends, as on Twitter. It projects itself as ‘a continually enhanced compilation of questions-and-answers that is created, edited, and self-organized by those using it. Each question page is tried to be developed as a comprehensive resource for the topic raised by that question. Continue reading

Aspects that affect your site’s conversion rates

Drawing users to your E-Commerce site through top search engines demands exceptional SEO. And after they arrive on your webpages, you should logically be striving to convert visitors into customers, for the business to be profitable. In essence, conversion optimization forms the core of a successfully run online venture. In this post we shall grasp some of the finer aspects that can affect your site’s conversion rates. Continue reading

Critical elements of successfully optimizing a website

There are many different ways of enhancing a site’s search engine visibility and ranking. Though most of them are highly effective, a few others are deemed unethical. You should stay away from such tactics and instead, stick to standard methods. The emphasis should be on creating readable, content-rich code with well optimized text. This will make your site search engine friendly. Continue reading

Tips for a perfectly optimized page

There are certain SEO practices to follow for a site to benefit from the perfectly optimized pages. I shall be offering some handy tips to attain on-page, keyword targeting to near perfection. To begin with, let us understand the various important aspects related to HTML head tags for building a perfectly optimized page. Continue reading

Google Analytics enables result oriented marketing initiatives

Campaign tracking broadly denotes a method to identify how users find your website. Specifically, you make use of campaign tracking section in Google Analytics for accurately tracking advertising campaigns to your site from AdWords-generated campaigns and other sources.
Continue reading