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Tips to effectively track and enhance performance of your campaigns and site

Obviously if you are putting your precious resources into driving traffic to a webpage, the content of that particular page is worth every dollar that you spend. You can employ web tools such as Google Analytics for tracking how effective and helpful that content has been in getting you meaningful conversions. Continue reading

Six tips to enhance your website’s conversion rate

While charting out a conversion optimization strategy, in many cases, it takes a complete overhaul of the existing pages to attain the desired results. On the other hand, a minor change in the call-to-action button can make a major difference, in some. For instance, just by changing it to ‘It’s free’ from a more conservative ‘Join Now’, you can draw the visitor’s attention. Continue reading

How can your website’s conversion rate be boosted?

When conversion rate increases, it also means increased advertising spend, as affiliate marketing, PPC and other advertising avenues will probably turn more profitable. The more meaningful traffic you can manage to buy, the more prospective customers you draw, and also the more amount of repeat business you receive! In this fashion, you will fast increase the market share. Continue reading