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Six tips to enhance your website’s conversion rate

While charting out a conversion optimization strategy, in many cases, it takes a complete overhaul of the existing pages to attain the desired results. On the other hand, a minor change in the call-to-action button can make a major difference, in some. For instance, just by changing it to ‘It’s free’ from a more conservative ‘Join Now’, you can draw the visitor’s attention.

Let me list some basic yet important elements that will enhance the conversion of a business site. Every E-Commerce relies on sustained traffic flow and visitors that bring value to it through purchases. In this backdrop, website conversion optimization is a crucial aspect. Here are some handy tips to enhance your website’s conversion rate:

  1. Improve your website’s clarity. Identify its objective and present it in such a way that users will get drawn and stick to it. Visitors should be encouraged to dig in for more useful and updated information.
  2. Include catchy headlines, such as ‘5 reasons why you should prefer eBrandz to other SEO companies’. Remember, interesting headlines are very important. If the person visiting your site doesn’t get impressed by the headline, he or she won’t feel encouraged to go any further. Expressing your main message clearly and forcefully in a headline is a basic, albeit highly effective approach.
  3. Avoid dull and direct introductions like ‘Use our Search Engine Optimization service.’ with no mention of your USP. This is not going to hold the visitor’s attention. Do not also forget to fill the copy with user friendly features and benefits that your products and services offer. Highlight attractive offers and discount.
  4. While testing, you may even do so with blank content for a particular page section and check whether the users are likely to respond better to a less cluttered site. There is a wide array of things that you can test. Be open to the different page sections and variations to gather more insights on your conversion.
  5. Another suggestion is to use your ‘call to action’. Generally, websites have lines, such as ‘Add to cart’ or ‘Sign up!’ Try out different user-friendly buttons, text or images. You may want to carry alterations like ‘Quick Sign-up’ or ‘Free sign-up’.
  6. Shorten the user’s ‘path to purchase’. This is probably one of the most effective ways of increasing your conversions. Making your visitors navigate through several webpages in order to effect a purchase will only increase the likelihood of their abandoning the shopping cart mid-way. You cannot afford to lose your customers in this fashion.

It is critical that you do not lose out on your actual conversion. For this, make it a point to improve the overall flow of buying process. This sure will increase the sales and bolster your business margins.