Tips to effectively track and enhance performance of your campaigns and site

Obviously if you are putting your precious resources into driving traffic to a webpage, the content of that particular page is worth every dollar that you spend. You can employ web tools such as Google Analytics for tracking how effective and helpful that content has been in getting you meaningful conversions.

There are two different reports, namely a combination report and second, a page section report. Each column in them gives an insight into the performance of aspects like combinations, page sections, variations etc.

Analyzing performance results

The performance results will be shown in a combination report. They will be for all of the possible page combinations done from the page section variations that you have generated for your experiment. You can pick the most successful combination by checking how well a particular combination is performing as compared to the original one. This will help improve conversion and boost your business.

What does page section report tell?

On the other hand, the page section report will focus on the different variations of each page section that do well. Merely choosing the best-performing variations for a particular page section may not be as helpful as opting for a winning combination. This is because there might be interactions among variations, which the page section report sometimes fails to capture.

Both page section reports and combination reports have the same columns, but for the additional relevance rating that the former has. It indicates the level of impact a page section has had on your experiment. For instance, a relevance rating of 0 shown for your headline page section, you may assume that the headlines used did not really distinguish themselves significantly.

On the contrary, a higher relevance rating for your image page section would suggest the fact one or more images did differentiate themselves significantly from the others, and the fact that the particular images page section is quite important for the purpose of conversion.

How to improve your campaign and business site performance

  • It is important to configure Google Analytics to effectively track and enhance performance of your campaigns and business site.
  • You must best audit your website utilizing web analytics reports to spot ‘quick win’ conversion improvements across the home page, category as well as product pages.
  • This is helpful in improving different page elements for landing and search results pages as well as faceted navigation, shopping basket or checkout pages, if applicable.
  • Apart from refining your messaging hierarchy, it is vital to employ persuasive copywriting technique to boost conversion rates for your response pages.
  • Improving SEO competency of page template elements like headings, copy, site navigation, images and videos will ensure a steady traffic via Google’s natural listings.
  • Last but not the least, make it a point to integrate your website with various online as well as offline campaign referrers.