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Features and advantages of enterprise social networks

The phenomenon of enterprise social networks has witnessed impressive growth and innovation in recent few years, dramatically altering information & knowledge silos in corporations. They have succeeded in unlocking and releasing knowledge across groups, teams, departments, and even company boundaries. The new wave of enterprise social collaboration aims on ushering an easier to use social business technology, which is more pervasive and more accessible than ever before. Continue reading

An effective action plan to draw natural links

If you are going to write a series of informative pieces on insurance or mutual funds for your finance blog, keen to access a wider pool of users across the Web, the key is to keep them factually correct and informative, updated and contemporary. The most important aspect is to make the content useful and relevant for your users. Next part is linking it up to external sources to add value and context to it. Continue reading

Use social platforms to connect to clients and other businesses

Social networking platforms have emerged as a powerful avenue to reach your prospects, customers and other businesses. By leveraging the online tools, you can create a strong brand identity. It is indeed important to infuse your brand with a personal touch in virtual space to sustain its presence on the Web. Continue reading

How social media has empowered the consumer and what are its implications?

Consumers can now freely air their opinions and express their views on blogs, review sites, forums etc, leaving behind a trail of reactions corporate entities cannot afford to ignore. Even big brands and top-notch marketers are often made to sit up and take notice of the customer feedback on the Web. A host of social networks are providing users with a public platform to have a say. Continue reading

How do social networks help companies to understand customers better?

Here are the different ways in which most companies and corporate entities – big or small – can benefit from social media when it comes to grasping the mindset of their prospective customers. It is pertinent to listen to them and understand what they want. This holds the key for your business to survive and to thrive in today’s highly competitive world. Continue reading

What it takes for B-2-B companies to ensure effective social media marketing?

It seems that many B-2-B companies are finding it rather tough to gain and retain followers on social media. Usually, the owners will look to interact with influential people, who are most likely to take crucial buying decisions on behalf of the business entities they target. But what exactly is needed to ensure a successful social media marketing initiative? Continue reading

What are the advantages of SMO to small businesses?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a great tool that can ensure profitable running of online business entities on a sustained basis. It helps enhance your business credibility and reputation, as well as popularize the key services and products – at little cost to you. This ultimately boosts your profits. A consumer-driven website must employ SMO to leverage its inherent advantages. Continue reading