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Businesses can take a heavy sigh of relief as Google gives more indications that there won’t be any new update happening after Google’s next Penguin version. Expect an official confirmation to arrive from Google on the matter after it rolls out the next Penguin version 4.0 in due course of time. Google’s Gary Illyes recently made it clear via his Twitter handle that after the yet to arrive penguin update, we may not experience a new one.

He tweeted that “it’s likely there won’t be next one,” referring to the next Penguin update.

Happy? Don’t be. Because the next slated penguin installation is expected to be a real time algorithm update unlike other normal updates. It means that businesses, who are not prepared for penguin’s real time version roll out will have to suffer a bit longer, as the process of new penguin penalties and retrievals will take place alongside it’s entire run time.

Much like the Panda updates, Google claimed that it will be rolling out this update without anyone noticing them, over a period of time. However, we did experience some small updates which were not as extreme as the ones that were rolled out in the past. The next slated Penguin algorithm update should be pretty quick, based on how fast Google indexes pages on the web.

So, for one last time businesses will have to prepare themselves in advance, as the next installation of Penguin version 4.0 is just round the corner.

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As this year is heading for a virtual closeout, SME community is getting more and more anxious after each passing by day. The social chatters doing round about the possible algorithm roll-out by Google is also their point of consideration.

But one thing even the SEO’s aren’t sure about? What kind of Google update’s coming? Whether it will be a Panda, Penguin or another Ghost Update??? You bet! My guess will be as good as yours! Not only that it has even caught the attention of the betting communities, who are even placing high bids on any of the above possible Google roll-out?

You can call them half-baked truths, rumors or gossips but chatting community won’t leave it half way and also the fact that we are just about two months shy of a virtual closeout and Google being the unpredictable taskmaster that he is, will ensure that his dominance as a search giant remains unchallenged and the SME’s that have leave Google campus are taken to cleaners. After some indications of a possible ghost or panda update, it’s still not clear but now it seems that the air of confusion will be cleared with Google’s own webmaster Gary Illyes confirming through a Twitter post that the next due update will be indeed Penguin’s next installation and most likely to come inside the next two months of this highly forgettable year for Google.

Forgettable in the sense that Google received back to back setbacks in terms of its Google plus services (pullback of Google plus and Google plus photos) to an extent that it has to completely remove its links from the Google’s SERP pages. The year also saw Google getting its new CEO from an Indian origin (Mr. Sundar Pichai) and went on to be incorporated under a new parent company called Alphabet Inc. However, there’s no respite for Google, as its online dominance is ably challenged by Facebook (who through his Universal Search Option, Video Hub Option and Adroll & constant contact launches is taking on Google’s products).

Now, It’s highly unlikely that Google won’t pass on some of it’s misery to businesses in the form of an algorithm update. In the meantime, it has been confirmed for sure that it will be a penguin 4.0 update and you can expect that to hit your websites within next two months but no specific dates given as such.

Talking about the Penguin 4.0 version, it detects spammy/hacked links and websites. This is the reason why a lot of business owners are having a lot sleepless nights by continuously checking on their site’s link structure and as a preventive measure are getting rid of any spammy or malicious links pointing to their websites.

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Google Panda Update

Slow and sporadic – that’s what Google dished out with its recent Panda 4.2 update, which possibly will take months to roll out completely. Google says that it is not designed to confuse the webmaster but the slowness of the update is due to some technical reasons. That means some of your web pages may not be affected with the Panda algorithm still site wide. Google confirmed that some 2% to 3% English language queries may have been affected.

About the slowness of the updates, Google’s John Mueller says “This [Panda update 4.2] is actually pretty much a similar update to before. For technical reasons we are rolling it out a bit slower. It is not that we are trying to confuse people with this. It is really just for technical reasons. So, it is not that we are crawling slowly. We are crawling and indexing normal, and we are using that content as well to recognize higher quality and lower quality sites. But we are rolling out this information in a little bit more slower way. Mostly for technical reasons. It is not like we are making this process slower by design; it is really an internal issue on our side.

What we know

After hearing some chatter, we decided to run some numbers. Our dataset of 3,000+ websites and 200,000+ keywords (local and national) makes it easy for us to get a birds-eye view of how our client campaigns are performing.

We were not surprised to find that this update didn’t have any negative impact on our client campaigns. Most probably, the new improved 2015 SEO deliverables which we offer saved our clients. This is another example of how our strategies future-proof your businesses.

So, how are we protecting you?

  • First up, we get the basics right i.e. focusing on On-Site optimization which includes correcting all possible 404 errors, fix duplicate (thin) content on the site, creation of landing pages, etc. Internal blog is also a good addition which we do when allowed.
  • We vary anchor texts to have a proper balance between branded and non-branded links.
  • Since social signals are of importance, we get social votes via Facebook likes, Tweets & Google+1’s. Client participation is encouraged.

Below are some of the additional backlink sources we’ve included in our 2015 SEO deliverables to diversify the backlink profile.

  • Magazine / News Placement
  • Q&A Posting
  • Community Setup

Conversion friendly activities include –

  • Usability & Conversion Optimization Report
  • User Testing Video
  • Heatmap, Scrollmap, Overlay and Confetti Report

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