Techniques for evaluating ad performance

By comparing their respective performance, you can work out which of your different ads are the most appealing from your customers’ point of view. For example, check which ad incidentally has a good CTR and improve the one with a lower CTR. It is recommended that you test about two to four ads in a group at a time.

Some of the elements that are very critical for the purpose of tracking your keyword performance, a we have grasped in the previous post, are constant checking of Keyword Status, Clickthrough rate and Quality Score.  We now shall draw more insight into the aspects related to improving your AdWords campaign. Here are some techniques that may help improve your ad performance.

Measuring your campaign’s success and basic reporting

A clarity regarding your motive will automatically lead you to the steps you can take for an effective campaign and also act as a benchmark to measuring your success.
Keyword diagnosis

A keyword diagnosis will help you know if your ad is currently running or not. The quick analysis will provide an insight into the causes for its apparent failure. Now let us follow some of the basics of the Google Network. Google won’t display the same ads on each search result page, so your ad may perhaps appear on the second or third.

Performance summary graphs

Performance summary graphs are there on most of your Campaigns tab, to make it simpler when it’s a matter of tracking the vital data. You can get a quick grasp of how your campaign performs over time. You may select up to two metrics simultaneously and then monitor their performance over the select date range.

Ads tab

Check your Ads tab for ensuring that your ads are actually running. In the table’s Status column, you will see information on the updated state of each ad. To get a summary of each ad’s status, click a speech bubble’s icon.

A critical metric to look at all the time, as we have already followed, is clickthrough rate. It gives you a fair and quick grasp of how good or bad well a particular ad is doing. CTR is denoted on your Ads tab, and indicates how often users happen to click your ad after they see it.

A CTR under 1 percent on Google (and the Search Network), as a rule of thumb, suggests your ad is not probably targeted to the most relevant target audience. If your CTR is indeed lower than 1percent, it is high time you look to improve your ads.

There are a few other aspects to consider while devising your ad campaigns, selecting keywords and measuring the performance of a campaign that we shall take a look at in the next post of this series.