Tips to become customer-centric in your communications

Relationship marketing is a new, innovative concept used by most brands to be customer-centric. If you address your content pages or blog posts to a community, the whole exercise could be really be more effective. Building a community of your peers, who appreciate what your site has to convey, goes a long way in becoming more customer-friendly.

The community-based approach in effect, is more beneficial than an individual based approach. Most importantly, know exactly what your customers really need or demand from you for you to become a more customer-centric company, as the concept denotes. In essence, ideally try to capture their pulse as precisely as possible. Here are a few steps to attain this goal:

  • Know what the customers want and what they expect from you. Seek their opinions.
  • See where the other competing brands are lacking in terms of fulfilling the customer needs. Incorporate these facets in your services/products.
  • Take their suggestions and grievances seriously and try working on them.
  • Keep checking with your customers about their specific requirements. A company cannot just offer them the basic services to meet their needs for once and then leave it just at that. A marketer need to grasp what the customers exactly require and work on their needs to ensure that the same are fulfilled.

This will make them believe in your sincerity and commitment of your brand in order to make them brand loyal. Don’t keep them waiting for too long. In case they need any help, give it immediately and in a convincing way. Implement your plans after asking for customer suggestions and opinions. A mere verbal assurance is not of much use.

Another key criterion when you blog is that you avoid divulging secrets about yourself, your company or any of its important activities. Thus, it will be a bad idea to post anything confidential even while striking a chord with your customers.

Before you put up something, recheck the facts, since many users would be reading it. See to it that your post doesn’t offend any individual, religion, or an organization. An offensive comment will only antagonize readers. They might even file a legal suit against you. Also, use a polite and friendly language.

Avoid wastage of space by typing long URLs. A URL shortener service squeezes any long URL into minimal possible one for sharing over social networks, instant messages, or even SMS. Twitter’s new URL shortener will automatically shorten the URL in the Web version of the service. Bitly on twitter is the way to do that.

In a nutshell, let your customer be a key to success! Understanding their aspirations and following their requirements is the most vital aspect in making your company customer-centric.