Services that let you organize social activity and guard identity

Social media is a powerful communication tool. Whether you love it or hate, whether you know a little bit of it or you are experienced enough in using networking sites, there are scenarios in which you can possibly avoid it. It is always a good idea to acquaint yourself with as many tools that you can use for simplifying, augmenting, or better analyzing your conversation in online social realm and its impact. Here is a quick list of some interesting apps and accessories for the purpose:


It’s a desktop app to make the task of sharing and socializing across all your e-mail accounts and networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) easy by providing access to all of them in one go. Having all your calendars and contacts together makes it easier to track everything – personal or professional – going on in your life. It claims to have an intuitive interface for conveniently receive and resend files, including photographs, music, videos etc. Respond via an email to a tweet, drag and share Flickr photos with your select Facebook friends. A simple drag & drop is all that it takes for moving files from one account of yours to another. The app assesses the links automatically that you happen to receive through sharing as well as searching.


A social media management platform built for the enterprise, it looks to minimize risk across networks, staff, brands and accounts for the purpose of building customer relationships. The tool puts marketers in control of the social communication in real time, and brings structure and control to a brand’s social media program. It is possible for them to publish content, listen across different channels, report results, and manage workflow all from one location. Get started today with a free trial

Social Mention

A social media search plus analysis tool, it aggregates UGC (user generated content) into a comprehensive single stream of information. It ensures easy tracking and measuring of the public sentiment in real-time, reflecting what people feel about a company, its product and services, or industry in general across the online social landscape. You can receive daily email alerts regarding your company, marketing campaigns, and your competitors or keep track of an important developing news story. The platform monitors top networking sites, to offer social media alerts, and API that offers a real-time search data stream drawn from an array of social media properties. This allows marketers to get insight into what’s being mentioned about the brand in social realm.


It’s dedicated to people who create or work with both online and offline content, or who are non-creative professionals in the domain, including editors, writers, graphic designers, book publishers, producers, and others in magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, film, book publishing, advertising, PR, design, and online media. The network acts as a network to provide scope for meeting, sharing resources, keeping abreast with job opportunities and interesting ideas to enhance career skills, and present quality work. It features categories such as jobs, resume revamp, research, events and news updates.