What are the aspects to consider before running your Website Optimizer experiment?

The Website Optimizer lets you to test the different changes effected in the content of your webpages in order to work out what emerge as the most user friendly, thus more effective in ensuring higher conversion rates. Before you get started, you will need to take a few steps in preparation for your experiment.

  1. First and foremost, you need to select your test page, the one that you will be making certain changes to as part of testing. You might want to choose a test page you drive traffic to utilizing AdWords, or one with a low conversion rate you would want to improve upon. You can use dynamically generated pages such as .cgi pages, you won’t probably be in a position to test sections of the page, which are essentially database-driven.
  2. Next, identify your crucial conversion page, which represents business results – whether one where a user effects a purchase, fills out a membership form, or opts to download a white paper – all of which are important actions for your business.
  3. Decide the page sections that you would prefer to experiment with on your chosen test page in conjunction with your marketing experts. Preferably use page sections visible to users like a headline, prominent image, or a catchy promotional text. The amount of page sections and/or variations that you test is generally limited by the traffic flow you get.
  4. Create necessary variations with help of your marketing team for each page section. For instance, if you have gone for an image as one of your chosen page sections, you might want to make three different images in form of a human photo, a product photo, and a graphic to vary on your pages.
  5. Obtain the original HTML format content from your relevant test page to build the page sections and variations for the purpose of testing. Ensure that your webmaster knows about the changes needed to be made to your site before using Website Optimizer.

You are all set to begin your experiment, once you have finished the designs for setting it up. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Step1 – Set up your test page and goal to decide the page you’d like the Website Optimizer to test and the one that represents any user reaching the goal.
  • Step2- Add necessary tags to experiment pages. For adding the tags to HTML source code of your website, you may require your webmaster’s help.
  • Step3: Create requisite variations of your site’s content you are planning to test.
  • Step4: Review experiment settings and final launch so that it is exactly the way as you would want.

Now you can start running the experiment on a specific portion of your webpage traffic. Detailed results and reporting will be provided to you after the experiment is over.