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What are the ingredients of an efficient PPC campaign management?

It can be assumed that the resources judiciously utilized on PPC advertising can generate impressive ROI as the campaigns are invariably focused on potential clients. Of course, initial analysis is extremely vital to implement it efficiently. A well-laid, meticulous strategy acts as the backbone of the overall strategy and its implementation.

Keyword selection ideas

Accordingly, it is decided whether the campaign will be broad or narrow in nature. In other words, experts try to work whether to target higher volume of leads employing the most common Google adwords, for instance ‘car insurance quotes’ that are usually more expensive, to go for a combination of specific long-ended Google adwords like ‘attractive insurance offers for 2011 XXX model’.

This combination is likely to result in less traffic, and less leads. On the plus side, they come cheaper in terms of bid, and also ensure that the target audience is more focused. Your PPC ad fulfils specific query, thus boosting the chances of conversion.

Experts in charge of your adwords campaign management will find the precise combination of keywords to meet the goals within the budget allocated and run the whole Google adwords campaign successfully.

Importance of tracking and analysis

Optimization is another key element of the campaign management process based on tracking and analysis of the end outcome of keywords chosen for the campaign. It is established which ones fetch higher traffic, a more focused audience base and obviously a higher conversion rate.

Aspects like the average time span users spend on your specific site pages driven from Google adword combo A and combo B, leads conversion percentage from both are checked as part of A/B testing. On basis of the findings, weaker Google adwords combos are replaced with better alternatives. The process of tracking and analysis is ongoing in order to run your PPC campaign successfully over time. Proper optimization ensures that your cost per lead acquisition is brought down and ROI is boosted.

Here are some of the essential ingredients of a successful PPC campaign management are:

  • Dynamic PPC strategy based on an in-depth competition analysis of your business domain
  • Elaborate keyword research through structured, continual and meticulous testing modules
  • Proper keyword management to run flexible campaign structure around minimum and maximum bids
  • Steps to eliminate undesirable price gaps that may exist between you and your immediate competition
  • Thorough keyword performance analysis and detailed web analytic reports
  • Consumer-centric approach that understands the mindset of your prospects
  • Adherence to tested & proven techniques instead of unethical methods
  • User-friendly landing page and efficient site structure for higher lead generation and conversion

Remember, a regular review helps to maximize the campaign performance. You should also stay in the loop to keep tab on it and spot marked patterns in performance trends so as to stay ahead of your competitors. This helps you grasp the mindset and behavior of your prospective consumer and stay tuned to their changing demands. Extensive testing helps to enhance your campaign on continual basis.