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A tool to grasp the context and connotation of any search query

The Knowledge Graph from Google isn’t rooted merely in public sources like Freebase, the CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia. It is augmented at a much vaster scale. It focuses on breadth and depth, which is really comprehensive. It contains over 500 million objects currently, as well as over 3.5 billion facts about and relationships that exist among these different objects – based on what searchers look search for, and what is found out on the web. Continue reading

What are the ingredients of an efficient PPC campaign management?

It can be assumed that the resources judiciously utilized on PPC advertising can generate impressive ROI as the campaigns are invariably focused on potential clients. Of course, initial analysis is extremely vital to implement it efficiently. A well-laid, meticulous strategy acts as the backbone of the overall strategy and its implementation. Continue reading

Seven vital aspects related to potential impact of relevant keyword ideas

The Google Keyword Tool displays search data. The data may vary because of the ad group that a user has chosen, or whether the tool has been accessed from outside of his or her account.  The Competition column will give you an idea of how many advertisers are actually bidding for popular term/ phrase. This piece of information can help you decide how competitive a particular ad placement is. Continue reading

Three things to keep in mind about Google Instant search

Google has just come up with a major modification to the manner in which its highly popular search engine serves results to the users. As you may have noticed, results now surface in the search box even as you are typing a particular search query. And as you keep on typing text, relevant results of Google search change to match your terms. Continue reading