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Importance of landing page SEO

Let us find out in this post why landing Page SEO is recommended and how it helps you in making your site both user friendly and search engine friendly. Consider what if the visitor has still not made a buying decision yet. Maybe he or she is searching for a related service/product. This is where the benefit of a dedicated landing page – optimized for full user experience – is felt.

Here are the important aspects related to a landing page:

  • Apart from optimizing for specific user action, the landing pages allow easier tracking/analysis of visitor actions, for subsequent modifications.
  • The aim of any landing page is principally to optimize the overall user experience while visiting a website, especially that of a first time user.
  • This in itself is a good enough reason for applying them in a SEO exercise. After all, there’s hardly any point aiming for higher ranks sans failure to convert.

The effectiveness of a site’s landing pages is brought into play, especially by utilizing:

1. Keyword-rich content: By narrowing the focus to a specific or niche area, it is possible to use more keyword-rich headings, text, and links. Here I am not referring to generic keyword stuffing; rather underlining the importance of a content page that is focused essentially on a tightly defined subject niche. Thus, it becomes possible to develop the content better from the point of users who are interested in niche topics and related subject matter.

The idea is not simply to capture a large number of key term variations or related phrases. The effort is also made toward driving the traffic forward into utilizing either that page or (other) targeted pages within the website to achieve desired call to action.

Make it a point to keep the pages dynamics by featuring RSS feeds from within the website – latest articles, forum discussion topics and product lists – based on that keyword niche area.

2. Links: If you are keen to maintain higher ranking, it becomes necessary to launch a link development campaign at some point. However, a website with links merely to the index page can get top-heavy and look unnatural.

And this is where your site’s landing pages establish their value. Setting them up means it becomes easier to spread links around immediately to make the homepage/deep pages ratio that much more natural.

Also make use of varied anchor text to each targeted page. Ideally speaking, we do not want different confusing versions of the key terms in our links leading to these landing pages; rather go for different words or phrases utilized in different ways.

You may make use of both generic and product/service specific keywords, to draw the attention of search engines and drive traffic to the site. Users will find valuable inputs related to the domain, and will be encouraged to visit the site, and can be provided with a relevant call to action.

Be vigilant about your brand identity online

A peculiar problem can arise if proper social media monitoring is not done by a company to protect its brand identity online. Unfortunately, many of them are not alert enough about this aspect, which may create needless confusion in their customers’ minds. If the problem is not addressed in time, it can even affect the business credibility and loss of revenue. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: August16-20-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Gears Up To Acquire Visual Search Site

It appears that Internet search engine giant Google is on the verge of discussion to acquire visual search and e-commerce site for more than $100 million, according to a report in Techcrunch…

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Facebook Acquires Web Publishing Startup Chai Labs Founded By Former Google Adsense Executive

Embarking on yet another acquisition drive, Facebook has gobbled up a small firm called “Chai Labs,” the startup which was co-established by a former Google AdSense exec Gokul Rajaram, and lends a hand to other firm build search-friendly websites revolves around specific topics for around $10 million, reports Kara Swisher over at All Things Digital…

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Gmail Hijacked By Hackers In China, Directing Users To Phishing Site

What has been described as an sophisticated act of malice, Internet users in China are facing a phishing attack — Google’s Gmail service in China has been hijacked by hackers, which is redirecting users of the service to a bogus phishing website to steal usernames and passwords, according to reports from various sources…

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Yahoo Japan Scoops Up Location-Based Mobile Ad Firm Cirius Technologies

Struggling to compete with its rivals, Internet pioneer Yahoo Japan has scooped up location-based mobile ad firm Cirius Technologies, the Japanese mobile ad network firm backing the AdLocal mobile ad network, is now part of Yahoo Japan…

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Bing Leaps Over Yahoo In The Search Market: Chitika

Interestingly, current statistics from ad network Chitika revealed that Bing overtook Yahoo to claim second spot in the US search engine market as long ago as January this year, and merchants may want to plan paid search campaigns accordingly…

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Spain Sues Google Over Privacy Violations In Street View

Spain has become the latest country to penalize search engine giant Google over alleged privacy violations made during mapping for its “Street View” feature. A judge in Spain initiated an investigation over complains whether Google unlawfully gathered data from unsecured wireless networks while gathering photographs for its photo-mapping service Street View…

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Yahoo Goes HTML5, Optimizes Mail For Apple’s iPad

If you are tired of using the Apple iPad default mail client, you can now rejoice as Internet pioneer Yahoo in an attempt to offer “the best possible communications experience across all the devices” in use by Yahoo Mail users, the company on Tuesday unleashed an updated, HTML5-optimized version of Yahoo Mail for the iPad…

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Yahoo Commences Transition To Bing Search In US, Kills SearchMonkey

After Microsoft’s unsuccessful bid to acquire Yahoo and a later flirtation that led to a more limited partnership — Yahoo said Tuesday that beginning this week, searchers on Yahoo will start to see a little “Powered by Bing” message at the bottom of the results page, as the two companies begin to switch over its search backend to the Microsoft platform…

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Yahoo Search Engine Gains Market Share, Google Drops

Google has long commanded the Internet, while it still holds onto its first-place spot in the U.S. search engine market last month, but recently, Yahoo made a surprising, though slight advance as Google lost ground and Yahoo gained back some U.S. market share last month. This finding is according to comScore Inc…

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Google Revamps Gmail For iPad With New Stacked Cards Interface

Barely a day after Yahoo unleashed a revamped version of its iPad web Mail app, internet search engine titan Google as part of its Iterative Web App series, announced today on the Official Google Mobile Blog a new version of its Gmail web app for the Apple iPad and it features a “Stacked Cards Interface,” making it easier to view multiple messages…

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Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger Gets Chatty With Facebook

Redmond, Wash.-based software giant Microsoft on Tuesday updated its Windows Live Essentials beta with improvements by integrating Facebook chat with MSN Messenger, empowering users to send instant messages to Facebook friends who are logged into the social-networking service…

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Google Releases Universal Addon: Search For Gmail, Docs And Sites Quickly

Ever wanted to search not only your E-mail, but your presentations, spreadsheets and documents? One of Google’s great promises is that it would make finding stuff a lot easier, thanks to a Gmail Labs experiment, Gmail users now have the option of searching their Docs and Sites files along with their messages…

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Google Offers New Face Movies Feature In Picasa With Picnik Integration

In an attempt to deliver the best to its users, search engine titan Google who values web apps above else, this week released the latest version of Picasa, its photo management and editing software. The latest release delivers several new features, but a cool facial recognition feature for slideshows is sure to get the most attention…

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Facebook Launches Location “App” Takes Aim At Google

Another day, another fascinating yet controversial Facebook feature. Facebook is attempting to stop the progress of a number of smaller rivals by unveiling a service to allow its members to tell their friends exactly where they are at any given time…

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Keys to creating search engine friendly text

Search engines aim to provide their users with quality material that is informative and dynamic in nature. Meticulous research for identifying authentic information sources is involved in the whole process. From this point of view, a good copy will benefit your website rankings. You should keep in mind certain basic things to enhance the site visibility online. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: August09-14-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Yahoo VP “Srinija Srinivasan” Leaves After 15 Years

Once considered the most influential person in online search and one of the original employee, Yahoo’s vice president “Srinija Srinivasan,” who helped launch the company over 15 years ago just last week announced that she will be stepping down from the company, the Wall Street Journal has reported on Wednesday…

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Google Acquires Social-Network App Developer Slide For $182 Million

In an attempt to keep the dissipating audience glued to its site, search engine behemoth Google Inc. over the weekend confirmed in a blog post that it has acquired social widget maker “Slide Inc.,” a deal that gives the Internet search leader a team of developers with extensive social-networking experience capabilities to compete with Facebook

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Yahoo Introduces “Infinite Browse” Search For News Stories

Attempting to encourage users to further engage with a Web site’s content may be an established practice, but new methods are always being tried. Yahoo is previewing “Infinite Browse,” a Yahoo News feature that adds relevant search content below news stories…

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Google Liberalizes Trademark Advertising Policy In Europe

Over the weekend, search engine behemoth Google Inc., for the first time said that it will liberalize its trademark policy from next month, allowing advertisers in Europe to link their advertisements with their competitors’ trademarks when bidding for online ads in a move that will…

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Google Prepares To Acquire Another Social Payment Provider Jambool For $70 Million

Mountain View, California-based search engine leader Google has reportedly been on an acquisition spree, just coughed out $70 million, but this time agreed to acquire San Francisco, California-based Jambool, and its Social Gold payment system, which empowers developers to build…

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Skype Files For $100 Million IPO Registration With SEC

Internet telephony giant Skype SA on Monday announced plans to raise US$100 million through an initial public offering (IPO) in the U.S., filed an S-1 statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as the Luxembourg -based provider of Internet telephony…

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Google To Abandon Old AdWords Keyword Tool By End Of Month

Whether assessing the effectiveness of long-standing keywords or searching for new extensive phrases that may answer consumers’ queries and catch clicks, marketers consistently turn to Google’s Keyword tool. Now, the search engine leader on its AdWords Blog announced that its updated…

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Google Revamps Gmail Contacts, Now Makes Easier To Use

Ever since its launch the Contacts portion of Gmail seemingly has been ignored, but the search engine colossus Google on Tuesday announced that it is giving the contact management tool located inside Gmail an “overhaul,” a move based on constructive criticism from some of the Webmail application’s roughly 200 million users…

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Google To Administer TV Ads For DirecTV Networks

Google Inc., seeking to spread its wings beyond Internet advertising, on Wednesday said that it has endorsed one of the biggest partnerships Google TV Ads has been waiting for, is to administer television ads for several DirecTV, the largest U.S. satellite TV provider…

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Twitter To Unwrap Official “Tweet Button,” Leaked Docs Suggest

Tech news site has unmasked confidential documents late Tuesday, which states that the popular micro-blogging site Twitter is gearing up to introduce an official “Tweet Button” that will let users share content from the web, and counting how many times a post has been…

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India Sets The Clock Ticking For BlackBerry Compliance By August 31

India became the latest government in a long list of national governments that have recently entered into the BlackBerry controversy Thursday by demanding that Research in Motion allow Indian law enforcement access to Blackberry Enterprise Service and Blackberry Messenger Service data by August 31., in the name of national security…

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Oracle Sues Google Over Java Use In Android Operating System

Setting the stage for a showdown of two Silicon Valley heavyweights, Oracle issued a press release late Thursday saying it has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Google’s popular Android operating system has infringed on copyrights and patents related to Java, which Oracle acquired along with Sun Microsystems earlier this year…

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Google Adds Voice Search With New Actions To Android Smartphones

Google on Thursday unleashed two new Android applications that let users dictate actions to their phones and link their phones with information from their desktop Chrome browser. The search engine giant announced the addition of “Voice Actions” to its Android 2.2 Froyo search capabilities, as well as introduced a new Chrome extension for Android users called “Chrome to Phone”…

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MySpace To Roll Out A Revamped “Facebook-Style” User Homepage

Attempting to regain its lost ground to Facebook and Twitter, dwindling social network site MySpace is geared up to unleash a complete redesign of its homepage. The revamped user homepage is focused around two information streams with lots of white surrounding space, abandoning MySpace’s trademark dark and busy backdrop…

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Facebook To Broadcast Live Announcements Video Channel

World’s most popular social networking site Facebook on Friday launched a new live video streaming channel called Facebook Live, intended to keep users updated on what is happening at the social-networking site. This is the company’s official live channel, broadcasting from Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto…

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Tips for a perfectly optimized page

There are certain SEO practices to follow for a site to benefit from the perfectly optimized pages. I shall be offering some handy tips to attain on-page, keyword targeting to near perfection. To begin with, let us understand the various important aspects related to HTML head tags for building a perfectly optimized page. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: August02-06-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Earth Now Portrays Rain And Snow In Real Time

Musing over checking the weather and hoping for a novel method of doing so? Well, Google Earth is one of the most “impressive” applications in Google’s stable, which is meant to give its users a naturalistic view of the world through Google Earth — current weather conditions…

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Twitter Attains Milestone As Tokyo User Blows Past 20-Billionth Tweets

Twitter is catching up to McDonald’s–billions and billions of tweets. The micro-blogging site announced that a graphic designer based in Tokyo, Japan has just accomplished a fairly significant milestone on Twitter — posting the service’s 20-billionth message since the site’s inception in July of 2006, according to tracking service GigaTweet…

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Yahoo Reorganizes U.S. Ad Sales Force, Eliminates Replacement For Bradford

Six months after sales chief Joanne Bradford left for Demand Media, Yahoo Inc announced today that it was reorganizing its advertising sales force, finally filling the void left by her departure since mid-March, by distributing the responsibilities for its North American sales operations…

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Twitter Introduces New Suggestion Features To Find People With Similar Interests

Twitter, the ever-growing social micro-blogging service that has recently published its 20 billionth Tweet, recently unveiled a novel feature to keep users engaged on its site: a new tool called “Who To Follow,” which basically suggests other members users might want to follow…

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Gmail To Get A Significant Makeover

Gmail Account, well, the latest buzz about Gmail is that eagle-eyed Alex Chitu at Google-focused blog Google Operating System has just buzzed about some significant changes in Gmail that Google appears to be testing with some users. Yes, from the Gmail haven, news of…

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Bing Maps Gets Interface Makeover, Calculates Taxi Fares

Thanks to a new app, Microsoft has just unleashed a series of enhancements to its Bing Maps, which now boasts a shiny new interface that is a lot more streamlined than the previous one and aimed at improving readability and aesthetics that gives you a noticeably easier access to the service’s various functionality…

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Google Introduced Sign In To Multiple Gmail Accounts At Once

Users of several Gmail accounts, take note. Google on Thursday officially eliminated the pains of shuffling between multiple Gmail accounts. People with two or three Gmail addresses can now switch back and forth between their accounts quickly and easily without logging out…

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Flickr Makes Fresh Photo Makeover Live To All Users

The advent of high-speed web has enabled people around the globe to boast their parties, outings and other memories captured on a digital format. Barely three weeks after testing, Flickr has a surprise in-store for its users which will augment the photo sharing experience…

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The important role of display URLs in PPC ads

While making a pay-per-click ad, it is quite easy to ignore the important role the display URL plays. In case of PPC ads, there are a restricted number of text lines to work with. Hence search engine marketers must try to make the most out of them. In the recent past, an eye tracking study as well as other insightful tests of display URLs have been done to bring out various aspects related to their performance.

The study has effectively demonstrated the fact that these URLs capture a major portion of the ‘gaze time’, which is allocated to the PPC ads. The tests also have established a significant impact of display URLs upon click-thru rates. The eye tracking study measured the length of time that users spent looking at these URLs on Google search results page.

The user, who took part in the research, were asked to perform specific searches on The idea was to get a far better understanding of their interaction with these URLs. The important results of the study are as follows:

1. The display URLs are an important element of PPC ads.

2. They capture a major chuck of the time users spent checking each ad.

3. The study also establishes the importance of PPC ad location on the page. It does have a significant influence on the gaze activity the display URL receives.

4. The length of time spent looking at a URL also varies by the specific position of the ad.

5. The top three ads’ display URLs on the left attracted greater user attention than the top three ads’ URLs on the right.

6. Those on the left drew almost three times more attention as URLs served on the right side.

7. The URL within the first ad was checked the longest whereas the URL presented within the third ad was viewed the least.

Descriptive Keywords in Display URLs

Understanding the fact that display URLs get a larger chunk of gaze time is not just a branding issue. The URL can be altered to improve results. Most commonly, this is done is by inserting descriptive keywords to the domain name’s end.

Experience shows that adding them in front of the domain name mostly fails, more so for domains, which have significant name recognition plus brand equity. But inserting keywords at the end tends to increase click-thru rates.

A drawback of putting descriptive keywords to display URLs is that this mode of ‘keyword stuffing’ might well reduce a PPC ad’s branding value because of cluttering of the domain name’s display.

Domain name in a display URL

Domain name in a display URL does have an impact on click-thru rate. Any identifiable domain name within it has definite value as highlighted by tests conducted regarding this. The tests conducted to work out the influence of employing the stronger brand identity in a PPC ad’s display URL well establish the fact. A recognizable domain name has a positive impact on click-thru rates.

All in all, it can be safely stated that display URLs are an integral aspect of PPC ads.

Practical advantages of Google Analytics service for your business

Google Analytics service, as we have grasped, makes it absolutely convenient and practically possible even for non-specialists cutting across domains and industries, to put into practice powerful marketing initiatives that are result driven and performance based so that you are able to derive value for money. This makes your business competitive. Continue reading