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What holds the key to a successful PPC campaign?

Attracting eyeballs and enough clicks to your ads is the crux of using Pay Per Click or PPC successfully. To ensure that your program is able to achieve the desired effect, a competent tracking technology is important. It plays a crucial role in making sure that enough click-throughs are generated. To achieve this goal, starting off on the right foot is important. ads. Continue reading

Important aspects of managing your brand’s online reputation

Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming popular and highly effective microblogging platforms for small businesses to build relationships with their esteemed customers. Tech-savvy brand owners are now keen on managing and enhancing their online reputation. Social media for them is very crucial in terms of survival and success. Continue reading

To engage your potential customers is crucial to Social media marketing

Social media marketing is definitely one of the most significant new trends in Web based retail promotion. Undoubtedly, it is productive and highly effective in building long-term customer relationships. It gives a better return on investment (RoI) than most other traditional marketing techniques. However, often, online merchants fail to realize its true essence. Continue reading

Social media era has altered the business dynamics

An increasing number of budding businesses are treating Facebook and Twitter as an integral component of hanging out their shingles. In fact, many small business owners now realize the importance of using today’s highly popular social networking platforms to reach out to their prospective customers, create online communities of followers and dig into vast demographic information that can prove to be a real goldmine. Continue reading

Twitter can create sales leads and attractive business opportunities

Does Twitter still bewilder you and make you twiddling your fingers and scratching your head? There are still many businesses that are groping to make sense of the social networking platform. Even if it hits you as a hype or enigma, just consider this: many of your elite customers are already out there. You must stay a step ahead of them!   Continue reading

Three things to keep in mind about Google Instant search

Google has just come up with a major modification to the manner in which its highly popular search engine serves results to the users. As you may have noticed, results now surface in the search box even as you are typing a particular search query. And as you keep on typing text, relevant results of Google search change to match your terms. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: September 01-10-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
AOL Acquires Mobile App Software Firm Rally Up

Seeking to boost its mobile offerings like its fellow portal Yahoo, AOL too is tempted to adapt a new reality where mobile is only going to become increasingly important. The struggling company on Tuesday said that it has acquired Rally Up, a budding creator of the Rally Up and FacePlant social networking apps for the iPhone and iPad that lets users share their locations with select friends, for an undisclosed amount…

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Google Debuts “Priority Inbox” A Spam Killer To Sort Gmail Messages

Google has took the wraps off a new tool late Monday for its free Web-based Gmail service that helps users sorts incoming email into three sections, based on their perceived importance and steer clear of drowning in the floods of digital messages that have become part of modern life…

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Microsoft Eyes Bing Opportunities In China — Launches adCenter

Aiming to capture market share from arch rival Google, global software behemoth Microsoft said search engine giant Google”s departure from the mainland has provided a good opportunity for the company to expand its Bing search engine in China. The company unfurled its adCenter advertising platform in China, an effort to seize some of the market share…

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MySpace Gets In Tune With Facebook — Integrates Sync Feature

MySpace, struggling to reclaim its reverence, is now cozying with Facebook, announced that it now allows users to synchronize updates with Facebook, the social networking superstar that supplanted the firm that once ruled in that arena, following a tie-in between the two social networks…

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Yahoo Expands Local Ad Alliance With Directory Publisher Dex One

Local business is an online revenue stream dying to be tapped — And since 2007 Yahoo and big directory publisher Dex One have gotten a boost from hub Yahoo and search site DexKnows, are now expanding their local advertising partnership, which lets advertisers who buy listings on Dex One’s search site place their ads on Yahoo Local search results as well…

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Google And AOL Endorse Five-Year Search Deal As Bing Creeps Up

Every time AOL is expected to fade into obscurity, something crazy happens to make it relevant again. Today it has signed on for another tour with search engine seraph Google, the far-and-away market leader. Google and AOL have inked a new five-year deal to let Google continue powering the search results served up by…

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Google Releases Simplified Privacy Policies

After a cartoon video portraying Google’s chief giving away ice cream to snoop on children aired on a giant screen in Times Square, the Internet search engine giant Google, over the weekend announced that it has streamlined its privacy policy, and that the new version will come in effect starting October 3rd…

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Facebook Now Displaying All Top “Liked” News Stories In Search ResultsIn today’s fast paced world of real-time status updates, search is spreading to account for the social nature of the web. And in tune with that — another major enhancement from social networking site Facebook is announced: the company is currently testing on-site search functionality that now displays search results–for Facebook and web content–based on “Likes”…

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Google Settles Buzz Privacy Lawsuit For $8.5 Million

A price has been put on Google’s mistakes surrounding the launch of Google Buzz: Internet search engine behemoth Google has agreed to shell out US $8.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit with seven people who argued that its Google Buzz social-networking service violated users’ privacy when it launched in February…

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Google Appoints State Department Vet To Head “Google Ideas”

Google plans to introduce a new policy segment called “Google Ideas,” which appears to be a Googley take on the think tank. To head this division, the search engine titan has tapped a former State Department official “Jared Cohen” who is credited with assisting to bring social networking and other Web 2.0 tools to US diplomacy now heading to Google…

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YouTube Opens Life In A Day Gallery To All

Earlier this summer, YouTube commenced its “Life in a Day” video project. The Google owned social-networking site is following up on the next phase of its enterprising Life In A Day project by making video submissions from around the globe available through a new gallery page

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Google Debuts Instant Searches With New Feature — As You Type

Google Inc. on Wednesday has rekindle its love for speedy Web searches infused a new feature to its search engine called Google Instant, which can display results in real time as users type their search queries…

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Google Maps Unveils Walking Navigation For Android

Not content with just tuning up Google Voice, the infamously scandalous search engine titan Google has done it again. Google Maps has likewise posted, its second Android app update today adding new features for those of us fond of taking a stroll…

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Google Voice Delivers Missed Call Notifications To Your Email

Internet search engine titan Google over the weekend, unveiled a new phone call feature in Gmail as well as Google Voice integration to keep track of your calls by adding a “missed calls” notification to inbox, e-mail inbox, or both the service…

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Yahoo Introduces Option For Handwritten Searches In Asia

While search engine behemoth Google may be concentrating on offering us all real-time search capabilities with the introduction of Google Instant, but Yahoo Search has unfolded a rather useful feature for its Chinese speaking Yahooers in Hong Kong and Taiwan: Yahoo! is adding handwriting technology to its search engine empowering users to hand write…

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Elements that are important from SEO perspective

In this post, we shall consider various aspects of URL, meta tags, meta keywords, Canonical URL etc that are important from SEO perspective. Some of the ideas are supported by data points, relevant correlation studies and elaborate testing whereas a few others are based on trial & error method and practical experience. Continue reading