What holds the key to a successful PPC campaign?

Attracting eyeballs and enough clicks to your ads is the crux of using Pay Per Click or PPC successfully. To ensure that your program is able to achieve the desired effect, a competent tracking technology is important. It plays a crucial role in making sure that enough click-throughs are generated. To achieve this goal, starting off on the right foot is important. ads.

In other words, you first must learn to write great PPC. In one of our previous posts, we have followed the factors that combine to make a great PPC ad, such as understanding your target audience base and demography; grasping level of familiarity with your brand/products/services, and the basis on which you plan to sell them.

At the end of it, the click-through rates will demonstrate if your ads are really working. This can well be achieved by using some handy tools and tracking methods. Overture, Adwords and some other PPC engines generally allow a greater degree of accountability.

They provide for a vast array of tracking tools. Properly setting up the tools and awareness of what exactly to track and the way it impacts the decisions that you make are critical to running an effective PPC campaign. Some of the crucial measurement parameters for making the most of your PPC dollars are mentioned below. You should stick to them in order to attain success with your PPC campaign.

Click-through rate: Both Overture and AdWords track it automatically. What it implies is the percentage of visitors exposed to your ad – clicked through to the website.

This piece of statistics though can be misleading, at times. It accounts for people who have visited the webpage your ad was placed on, but not (perhaps) seen or noticed it. This might be because it was ‘below the fold’ (below the area visible on the screen initially sans scrolling down).

Conversion Rate: It measures how many site visitors made a decision to utilize or purchase your products and services. The advanced tracking system let you add specific conversion data to your site. The same is reported/registered in the PPC Tool admin center.

Adding your own independent tracking system to measure all relevant keyword phrases as well as referral traffic can be a better idea. This allows you to effectively optimize your PPC usage.

Remember that there is no secret success formula. It’s basically a trial & error method, which tells you what really works and what doesn’t! To ensure complete success of your PPC project, what you essentially need is an expert advice followed by a faultless implementation of your PPC plan.