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Why is it vital to ‘listen’ to online conversations?

When it comes to managing online reputation of a brand, several factors come into play. There are issues like how to document the highly dynamic social media communications, different advertising material and all sorts of client communications – both generic and specific. In essence, electronic data management is becoming very vital. If you don’t preserve it, you may lose it and thus perhaps land yourself in trouble at some stage. Continue reading

Brands look for expert help to manage their social media presence

In their keenness to leverage the power of Internet, many corporate entities are experiencing an undesirable side effect – an apparent inability to track all the ephemeral ideas, thoughts and messages that they are dispatching into the vast cyberspace where a minor negative ripple can turn into a tumultuous tornado, tarnishing the online reputation of a brand before the managers and owners could realize it. The experience can indeed get scary and nerve-wracking. Continue reading

Importance of archiving social media communications

As businesses and companies caught in today’s cut-throat competition – both online or offline – look to aggressively market their product and services, social media is taking center stage for its reach, effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Marketers are resorting to dynamic Facebook fan pages, informative blog posts, timely Twitter updates and regular industry updates, to reach out to more and more people on the Web. Continue reading

Making online sharing more personal and safer

With Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn (apart from YouTube) dominating the networking scene, it may sometimes make you feel as if these are perhaps the only social media platforms around, for the purpose of communicating with the people who matter to you in your personal or professional life. Continue reading

Will ‘no following, no friending Path’ work?

Alongside the more popular networking sites worldwide, certain specialized networking avenues online are also trying to carve a niche for themselves. Some of them leverage the existing vast audience base of Twitter or Facebook to let members access as many friends or followers as possible. Continue reading

Specialized networks look to carve a niche

With the membership of Facebook now approaching almost 600 million, and more apps and features being added to it continually, it obviously remains the most preferred option for the networking purpose, apart from Twitter. So is there any space left for niche networking sites to leave their mark? Your answer may be a big NO, but that’s not the case, really! Today, I shall acquaint you with one emerging player in this space. I am referring to Instagram. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: January 17-21-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
AOL To Outsource Health, Sports And Real Estate Content Through Partnership Deals

AOL might be struggling, but in fact it is still trying to figure out how it can remain in business. In a major restructuring to the company’s Internet content division, the company has announced new content partnerships with…

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Latest “Firefox 4 Beta 9” Hits The Web For Testing — Get it Now!

Mozilla on Friday on the company blog announced the release of Firefox 4 Beta 9, for those of you wishing to test it out right away — is now available for download, another step towards the open source browser’s expected release before it pushes through a final version now planned to ship by the end of February…

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Bing Bumps Up, While Yahoo Search Share Down In December 2010: comScore

After Yahoo and Microsoft finally merged their gigantic search technology and advertising partnership, comScore, Inc., the most prominent leaders in measuring the digital world, released its monthly statistics and it appears that Microsoft’s Bing search engine was once again a hit with consumers…

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Adobe Simplifying “Flash Cookies” Privacy Settings, Offers Extended Control To Manage

Since time immemorial, many internet users are already aware of the risks presented by browsers that have been able to store small text files called cookies that collects your internet activity. Adobe Systems Inc., this week is extending assurances that it is working to improve the privacy…

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Facebook Apps Allows Access To User Phone Numbers And Addresses

Just when it seemed that the conflagration over Facebook privacy issues was cooling off, Facebook has stoked the fire once again. Over the weekend, the social-networking champion (four Golden Globe awards winner) updated its developer blog with a post that it had modified its platform to make users’ home addresses and phone numbers accessible to developers…

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Yahoo!7 Snaps Up Online Deal Site Spreets For $40 Million

Yahoo7, the Australasian subsidiary of struggling internet pioneer Yahoo, has snapped up group buying site, and its New Zealand operation, which provides economical marketing to small businesses through online coupon deals, for an amount reported to be a cool $40 million, which will see the site shift away from its city-by-city focus to offer more localized offers…

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Facebook Launches Mobile Site For Non-Smartphones

Are you envious for Smartphone users because their status messages are updated every 10 seconds? Well now cheer up, you can do the same. Popular social networking site Facebook has just announced a new mobile app called Facebook for Feature Phones, which brings the social network to…

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Google Voice Now Lets You Port Your Own Phone Number For $20

Google Voice has been a great tool for people to manage their communications, but for some people, one of Google Voice’s awkwardest conditions is beginning to ease, thanks to a new, very quietly rolled-out feature that lets you port your own phone number to Google Voice…

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AOL Preps “Editions” iPad Magazine App — A Flipboard Killer

AOL has taken its first concerted step to launch an all new magazine-like app designed specifically for the iPad app entitled “Editions”, making it the second of what is expected to be a long list of iPad-exclusive digital titles on the cards, which TechCrunch suggests will be very similar to the much-hyped Flipboard news app…

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Google Management Shuffle: Larry Page To Replace Schmidt As CEO, Targets Facebook

Google on Thursday reported Q4 2010 revenues of $8.44 billion, but the bigger news was a surprise move that could signal the Internet search engine giant is going back to its start-up roots as challenges mount. Google shook up its ruling triumvirate yesterday, announcing that CEO Eric Schmidt would be moving out of day to day leadership to become Executive Chairman, while co-founder Larry Page will become CEO…

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Food chains in the US turn tech-savvy to attract customers

Restaurants, food joints and bars invariably thrive on increased quantum of repeat business. This is not getting easier, as customers now increasingly demand more than just satisfactory service, quality food and drinks. They are keen to be engaged and entertained. Businesses in a bid to reach out to food lovers are turning to social media. Many of them are employing location-based tools to win customers’ nod of approval and loyalty. Continue reading

How can you monetize traffic to your site and increase your revenue?

Google Analytics lets you analyze web traffic through an important metric. I am referring to top exit pages that along with elements like bounce rate as well as time on site, is extremely valuable. It helps you measure the impact of specific changes made to webpages. You can find out whether exit rate has gone up or has come down after effecting the changes. Continue reading

Local business advertising market in spotlight with Google’s entry

Google is preparing to unveil Google Offers, in a direct competition with Groupon, as if suggesting: ‘If you are not able to buy them, confront them.’ Acquiring it would have smoothly turned over to Google most of the already existing business relationships struck by Groupon with local merchants not only in the US but several other countries as well. Continue reading