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Importance of customer-centric communications on Web 2.0

Social media is now a must-use tool for modern marketers, looking for effective ways and means of customer engagement. Popular social networks provide emerging as well as established brands with new ways of reaching out to a wider audience in the most cost effective manner. They allow a smoother exchange of meaningful messages directed at a focused user group, enabling a potentially massive community of participants to productively collaborate. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: January 10-15-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Flickr App For Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 Goes Native

In an interesting turn of events here at CES, online photo sharing site Flickr has announced that Yahoo is rolling out a native Flickr app for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 later this month that adopts Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, which promises better navigation…

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Google Docs Gets Playful — Unfurls Streaming Of Uploaded Videos

Ever since Google’s epic cloud based document and spreadsheet tool, Google Docs started allowing file uploads of any type, has added a new string to its bow: The search engine behemoth on Friday added another nifty cloud feature to Google Docs: a video player…

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Facebook Makes Revamped Profiles Compulsory For All, Users Revolt

Whether you like it or not, for those who have been holding out on upgrading to the new Facebook profile design, which was unveiled in December, will lose that right to choose in a couple of days. Beginning today, the world’s stupendous online social network, which recently crossed the 600 million member mark, announced Monday that the new profile page…

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Google Goggles Upgraded For Barcode Scanning, Sudoku Cheats

The days of Sudoku could be on the brink, thanks to Google. The puzzle that shook the world by storm with its simple grid of digits and empty boxes can now be solved instantly by any mobile phone — no matter what the level of difficulty. Google Goggles, the smartphone app designed by Google Inc., got a major upgrade on Monday, is apparently powerful enough to…

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MySpace Slashing More Than Half Of Its Staff Ahead Of Possible Sale

MySpace, the pioneering social networking website owned by News Corp., reportedly plans to slash more than half of its workforce on Tuesday as the website scales back its social networking ambitions, according to a person familiar with the matter, as the business continues a major strategic overhaul aimed at buoying its dismal financial performance…

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Google Releases “” API For Its URL Shortener

Back in the autumn of 2010, Google unveiled its free URL shortening service to the world, using the domain address. But yesterday afternoon, the search engine behemoth took a somewhat arcane but important step — has finally fully released its URL shortening service,, for…

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Google Changes Ad Display URLs For AdWords; Simplifies Negative Keywords Lists

Google has just announced that the new Google Adwords URLs are going to look different in the future. The domain component of your display URL for all ads appearing on Google’s search engine results pages will automatically begin appearing in lowercase letters within the next week when your ad is served (e.g., will now appear as…

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Google Launches First Global Google Science Fair For Students

For the first time ever, Google has launched a global online “Google Science Fair” for students aged 13 to 18 from around the globe, having an Internet connection and a Google account to take part in the competitive event. So all ye whizkid get ready for some serious global competition…

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AOL Allied With Reality TV Powerhouse Endemol To Produce Slate Of Web Series

Relentlessly striving to make good on its effort to revive its brand and expand its video programming, AOL on Wednesday announced a Web programming deal with big TV network reality show producer Endemol USA, to develop a pair of original Web series aimed at women…

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Yahoo Launches Online Sports Magazine “ThePostGame”

Sports fans have one more place to rant and rave about their favorite teams online. For years, Yahoo Sports has been outperforming sports giants ESPN and Sports Illustrated, has built an audience of more than 50 million visitors on news, commentary and fantasy games…

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Google Places Rivals Yelp With Hotpot App Released For iPhone

Last year, search engine behemoth Google fruitlessly ventured to buy Yelp, the local business rating and review site, but since then continued its recent trend of iOS app releases on Wednesday by introducing Google Places and Hotpot for iPhone and iPod touch…

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Microsoft Unfurls WebMatrix Web Publishing Tools With Built-In SEO

After three rounds of betas, software monopolist Microsoft has finally unfurled a new web development tool called WebMatrix, which the company says is designed to let developers of “all skill levels” create, customize, and publish websites to the Internet…

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Google’s First Acquisition Of The Year: “eBook Technologies”

eBooks and e-readers are big business these days. The search engine giant Having acquired 25 companies in 2010, Google has kicked off 2011 with a new acquisition. The company, which opened an online digital bookstore last month, is accelerating its thrust in the e-book space by…

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Google Converts Android Smartphones Into Interpreters, Adds “Conversation Mode”

If you are an Android users and a fan of Google services, chances are you have at least fiddled with Google Translate, now speakers of English and Spanish can now speak with each other through the engagement of Google Translate. The search engine giant Google on Wednesday began transforming Android-powered smartphones into interpreters with…

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Google Faces Privacy Charges In South Korea Over Street View Photos, Wi-Fi Data Sniffing

After China, Now its South Korea’s turn to grumble about Google. In what may come as a rude shock to the cyber world, internet search engine giant Google has been alleged by South Korean Police, which reportedly mentioned that Google broke the country’s law when its Street View service captured personal information of around 60,000 users from unsecure Wi-Fi networks, thereby violating internet privacy policies…

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Google Debuts Spell Checker To Gmail Search Box

Google Search has long offered suggestions when it thinks you may have entered a word (or words) incorrectly. Now, Gmail users with less than perfect spelling can now rejoice as the search engine giant’s email service now suggests correct spelling searches, when it comes time to perform a search of your email, kind of like its bigger search brother…

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Search Engine News Updates: January 01-07-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Websites Ally Against Google To Launch Program That Rivals Local Biz Tags

Watch out Google! A band of smaller Internet rivals are forging alliance in hopes of jump-starting online local ad sales in the face of global search engine leader Google Inc.’s growing clout in the market, the Wall Street Journal reports…

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Skype Releases iPhone Video Calling Over 3G And Wi-Fi To Rival FaceTime

As it was touted, Skype has finally stepped up to the competition by adding two-way video chatting to its VoIP iPhone app! Skype has finally got the bells ringing in 2011 with the addition of video calling to its Skype for iPhone App including video calling and 3G access…

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Google Woos Publishers To Digital Newsstand: Report

Think of it as an old-fashioned circulation war in the digital age, substituting tablets for tabloids. Global search engine leader Google Inc has approached several newspaper and magazine publishers to garner support from for creating its own digital newsstand, in a move that could open a new frontier in the Internet company’s rivalry with Apple Inc., which…

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Microsoft Restores Hotmail Service After Outage Affected 17K Users Over New Year’s Weekend

Software monopolists Microsoft Corp.s Hotmail service, the world’s most-used online email system, suffered an outage that erased e-mail and folders, over New Year’s weekend, which affected more than 17,000 users, but on Monday insisted that the problem has since been resolved…

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Intel, GE Healthcare In Joint Venture Opens “Care Innovations” For The Elderly

Remote health care is poised to become big business in the coming decade as baby boomers continue to age. Intel Corp., and General Electric Co., have joined forces to develop a health care alliance back in April of 2009. On Monday the duo officially announced the launch of “Care Innovations,” a joint venture focused on…

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Google Formally Adds Vizio As New Google TV Partner

Sony and Logitech have been leading the Google TV charge up to this point, but from now onwards, the search engine behemoth has added another manufacturer from Irvine, California-based Vizio to its roster…

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Amazon Preps Kindle Optimized For Android And Windows Phone 7

Undoubtedly, it is now crystal clear that following Amazon’s success with Kindle on the iPad, and besides some of its competitors have been doing pretty well too, Kindle was recently revealed to be Amazon’s best-selling product ever, on Tuesday, the etailer announced that it is now tailoring free Kindle to a slew of other devices…

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Google Prepping In-House NFC Retail Mobile Payment Service: Report

According to reports swirling in BusinessWeek, says that Google is developing its own NFC-based wireless payment system that could go tête-à-tête with not just possible options from Apple but also upcoming industry standards, a pair of insiders said Tuesday…

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Yahoo Targets Google’s Turf Via “Connected TV” With Leading TV Networks

The struggling, Sunnyvale, Calif.–based Web pioneer Yahoo! Inc., is staking a claim in interactive advertising, is out to build on its lead over Google and Apple in the emerging smart television market projected to prosper as televisions and set-top boxes offer Web connections, today announced that it is introducing an innovative consumer experience for TV…

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Tivizen Brings Mobile Digital TV To iPhones, iPads And iPod Touch This Year: CES

At CES this week, things are kicking off here in Vegas. Looking for a little live TV on the go for your iPad? Well, the Open Mobile Video Coalition alliance is presenting a slew of new mobile TV devices, and as long as you stay in the right coverage area, you will be able to receive live broadcasts delivered directly to your Apple mobile device with the Tivizen iUS-100 receiver from Korea-based Valups

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Amazon Setting Up Android Application Store — Opens To Developers

With millions of applications flying off of the virtual shelves every day, on Wednesday officially disclosed that it has launched its own Appstore Developer Portal, aimed at enabling Android developers to submit their apps for the launch of the Amazon Appstore for Android that will open later this year. The date of this launch is still undetermined…

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Google Dazzles CES With Android Honeycomb Demonstration

Relentlessly striving to keep its products in the limelight, search engine behemoth Google took to the stage to show off a preview of its hotly awaited, tablet-optimized Android 3.0, aka “Honeycomb,” during a keynote speech Thursday at the CES in Las Vegas…

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Skype Gobbles Mobile Video Streaming Service “Qik” For $100 Million At CES

Skype, a powerhouse in the arena of voice and video chat over the Net has embarked on a shopping spree, said Thursday that it had agreed to acquire “Qik,” a California-based outfit offering mobile software and services that let you capture and share video across phones as well as desktops and the web, the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas…

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Google Apps Ups Ante To Fight Against Spam With Auto Email Signing

Email spam is, of course, a dogging problem, even if the total amount has fallen recently. Now the search engine giant Google is claiming to be the first among major email vendors in responding by providing a digital signature option at no additional cost to its Google Apps for business customers, the technology that is designed to snuff out spam and…

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Social media and customer engagement

If your brand has a poor reputation on the Web, there is not really any simplistic, one-step formula to rectify the situation in quick time. In fact, a slow and steady relationship building exercise to engage the prospects – both offline and online – is the most effective means of gaining and sustaining the reputation you want. Be aware of the fact that to build credibility for your brand, what you need is patience, persistence and passion. It cannot be achieved overnight. Undue haste is not going to help your cause. Continue reading

Basics of protecting your brand and business image on the Web

The Internet overwhelms users with a deluge of information that they constantly sift through, to arrive at a resource – either to seek information or to buy a product/service – of their choice. If your business site appears high in the domain specific search results, they are going to notice it more prominently. This can have a positive impact on your company’s business margins. However, the same can be counterproductive especially if you opt to ignore negative feedback about your brand. Continue reading

Seek expert’s help to enhance your brand’s online reputation

For a small business owner operating primarily on the Web, a good online reputation management is very important. It’s clearly among the most critical elements when it comes to building a positive brand image. If unfavorable reviews are constantly circulated about your products and services, they can irreversibly damage your brand reputation. You need to be proactive in dealing with such negative feedback. Continue reading

Correct testing and other aspects integral to successful conversion rate optimization

Undertaking search engine optimization (SEO) or opting for a sustained pay per click campaign are among the few preferred options to draw sustained traffic flow. This is important to enhance the online visibility of your website. The key is to draw search engine users to your site and to keep them engaged to the webpage. You want them to stick to your site. Continue reading

Six tips to enhance your website’s conversion rate

While charting out a conversion optimization strategy, in many cases, it takes a complete overhaul of the existing pages to attain the desired results. On the other hand, a minor change in the call-to-action button can make a major difference, in some. For instance, just by changing it to ‘It’s free’ from a more conservative ‘Join Now’, you can draw the visitor’s attention. Continue reading

Aspects to consider during testing for conversion

Conversion Optimization is the holistic process of improving your website’s performance. This involves an in-depth analysis of your site traffic. A conversion specialist will make use of the findings to suggest improvements in different site elements, such as content and layout, to mention a few. Essentially, it’s about plugging up all leaks or loopholes in your conversion path. Continue reading

Display IP Address of your own to Exclude/Include IP Address Traffic in google analytics by Using Greasemonkey Script.

I know, you have a question in your mind that – Why do we need to exclude our own IP address in google analytics account? Let’s say you have a staff of 100-200 people who are visiting the website on a daily basis. In this case it appears that their traffic also gets counted in the account and it results in huge traffic. This in-house traffic is of no use to track in the account for analysis. So, in order to filter our own traffic/visits in the account we need to exclude our own IP address. If you want you can include your own IP address traffic too in the account by creating an IP filter. Continue reading