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Insight into new version of Google Analytics and its custom report features

By creating an additional dashboard your account, you can focus on some of your key metrics. Google Analytics has made available the new dashboards as part of the new version of Google Analytics. The new, enhanced features are just the beginning of the impending changes to the new analytics platform over time. Following is the key feature you can try out in the Analytics v5: Continue reading

A primer to Google Analytics new version

The Google Analytics new version is available to all users in most major languages. After you sign into the account, you will notice a link to the latest version at top right corner of your account page. A host of new features have been made available to help users for a better and more insightful analysis of the data. Continue reading

Enhanced custom reports in the Google Analytics

Every business site is different and unique, in its own way. Of course, it is not possible to customize macros aspects of the analytics. In the Google web analytics tools, much of the focus is on the standard reports. Custom reports have always remained an integral element. The new platform makes the custom reports more practicable and powerful. Continue reading

Why Optimizing for Conversion Rate won’t necessarily increase revenue?

Conversion Optimization is a handy technique that enables site owners to enhance conversion rates cutting across their marketing investments and investments, including core business sites, email, PPC, social media and other E-Commerce platforms. It is important to align analytics to online marketing investments. This principally involves measuring your digital interactions/ conversions as well as understanding target audience behavior and competitor strategy. Continue reading

9 ideas to optimize your content for search engines

Engaging the audience and holding its attention matters quite a lot to make your business blog successful. Remember, quality content sans online visibility and lack of focused readership is going to be of little use. In this context, optimization plays an important role in planning and conceptualizing a blog. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: April 11-15-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Expands Latitude Check-In Deals Nationwide Rivals Foursquare

Back in February, Google embellished Latitude, the search engine giant’s location-sharing mobile app with check-in features, and over the weekend, the company has expanded its Latitude check-in process nationwide for the iPhone and Android devices, giving users the ability to unlock… Read More

Google Wins DOJ Approval For $700 Million ITA Purchase With Conditions

The Justice Department last week gave the green light to Google Inc.’s purchase of flight-date company ITA Software with stiff conditions, at the same time left the option open to a larger investigation into whether Google fiddles with search results to hurt rivals… Read More

Google Acquires Mobile Music Startup Pushlife For $25 Million To Challenge iTunes

The Googleplex is once again embarked on a shopping spree, and the global search engine titan Google has just acquired Canadian mobile music startup Pushlife for a cool $25 million, buying its third start-up from… Read More

Google Mysteriously Abandons Street View In Germany

How do you pronounce “street view” in German? It does not really matter now, as Google has voluntarily pulled the plug on Street View in Germany despite its recent court victory that declared the photo mapping project to be within the laws of the country… Read More

YouTube Unfurls Live Streaming Service To Partners

After etching its mark with pre-recorded videos, YouTube, the Google owned popular video-sharing site, has announced the launch of YouTube Live, which consists of a new live-streaming platform to complement its… Read More

Bing Nipping At Googles Heels–Snags 30% Of All U.S. Searches In March

Software monopolist Microsoft has hit a milestone in its slow but steady search ascent, as online competitive market researcher, Experian Hitwise, announced that for the first time Bing powered Internet searches captured slightly more than 30% share of the U.S. Web search market in March, stealing a bit of ground from Google, according to Hitwise… Read More

Facebook Upgrades Its Comments Box Plugin — Adds Hotmail Login

Just last month, Facebook unveiled its new and improved comments plugin for content sites. On Tuesday, the social media powerhouse Facebook released several updates to the newest version of its Comments Box social plugin for third party, has now been installed on over 50,000 websites, and to mark the milestone the site is releasing a number of new… Read More

Twitter Expands Trending Topics To 70 More Locations

Popular micro-blogging site Twitter, on Monday tagged on another 70 new countries and cities around the world to Local Trends, including Vancouver, Montreal, Japan, South Africa, Santiago, Jakarta and… Read More

Google, N.Y. Times Introduces New Search Puzzles–Holds A Secret Purpose

As geeks, we all are fans of puzzles, and are proud to be great at search! Google is looking to entertain users by teaming up with the New York Times to put out a daily brain teaser. And that is precisely the premise of A Google a Day, a new crossword puzzle that encourages players to use the search engine in pursuit of the answers… Read More

Google Invests $168 Million Into BrightSource Solar Power Tower

Expanding it foothold in to various technological sphere, Google on Monday said it has chipped in $168 million investment in to the world’s largest solar power energy plant that BrightSource Energy is building in the California’s Mojave Desert… Read More

Google Docs Delivers Pagination To Combat Microsoft Word

Google continues to spruce-up its cloud-based Microsoft Word competitor-Google Docs more feature rich. The California based Chocolate Factory on Tuesday trumpeted another key upgrade in the shape of pagination, which lets users see visual pages on their screen similar to the way people have been doing via the Microsoft Word word processing app for… Read More

TweetBot — Is The Prettiest Twitter Client For iPhone User Interface

Microblogging chatter Twitter is one of those tools that is especially cool when used on your mobile phone. Today, Tapbots highly anticipated Twitter client for iPhone dubbed as Tweetbot, has arrived on the App Store, bringing a level of polish that Pixar would be jealous of… Read More

Gmail Gets Smarter With “Bob” Features To Help You Avoid e-Mail Blunders

Are you annoyed of sending an important emails to the wrong person, especially when you have contacts that have identical identities (i.e. boss named Bob and a separate friend named Bob), and do you often forget to include certain people in your email? Well, now you can take a sigh of relief as search engine behemoth Google has just announced the… Read More

Features of competent hosting platforms for live blogging

Live blog demands careful, continuous and meticulous signposting to nudge your readers to main points of the story. When comments are accumulated into the hundreds, obviously they require proper curating and managing. If not done rightly, they can fast stoop to a mishmash of comments and tweets sans context. Continue reading

A capable interface with plugin to insert live blogs with automatic updating

While each individual blogger will have his or her preference when it comes to setting up a live blog, the tips below will prove handy for those looking to update the readers in real time with or without external tools, such as Cover It Live and Twitter. Continue reading

A major algorithmic modification from Google stirs the search realm

It was on April 11th that Google brought into effect the updates to its search engine (English-language) with the aim to reward quality content instead of ‘unethical’ SEO (search engine optimization) tricks. Key terms form part of the metric most top search engines, comprising Google, employ to decide which websites are most pertinent to the users’ search activity. Continue reading

Google’s ‘Panda’ undergoes modification, invites site owners’ ire

The new updates that Google has just effected in Panda, its page-rank algorithm system, might pose some threat to paywalls, recent research reports suggest. After the search engine update implemented by the search engine giant, a number of well known and well-established technology sites and paywalls have suffered a sudden setback to their online visibility as their webpages have significantly dropped in the relevant search results. Continue reading