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Search Engine News Updates: May 16-21-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Rolls Out “News Near You” For Smartphones

Google has long enabled you to look up for local businesses on its mobile search page, and for those people who are interested in keeping tabs on what is happening in their local area, the search engine giant over the weekend announced the addition of a new mobile feature… Read More

Bing Continues To Capture More Search Market Share As Google Dwindles

After examining the data released by comScore just last week, software maker Microsoft’s search arm Bing grabbed a slightly bigger slice of all the U.S. search engine pie in April, while Google sheds a tiny amount or stays flat, according to the latest comScore data, released… Read More

AOL Rolling Out New Video Chat Service Aims To Live Up To Competition

Merely days after Microsoft made the biggest gamble in its 36-year history–paying $8.5 billion for Skype — AOL Inc. has decided to dip its toe in the online video chat world with AOL AV, rolled out the first version of a free video chat service for its AIM instant messenger that… Read More

Bing Couples Search Results With Facebook Connections Via “Like” Button

In a surprising move of corporate cooperation, Microsoft’s Bing “decision engine” on Monday announced that it has teamed up with Facebook to deeply integrate the social media network “likes” and… Read More

Google News Revamped With New Features, Reduce Clutter

Global search engine behemoth Google on Monday introduced a few tweaks to its Google News service that lets users dig deeper on certain stories to help find the most relevant content, in an effort to make the site less cluttered and easier to customize… Read More

Beware! Facebook “Dislike” Button A Scam

You may want to express your dislike for something on Facebook but… Be Aware! The social media network outfit seems to be a hotbed for scams of late. Recently, Facebook unveiled its new security features designed to block spam, a new scam is spreading fast on Facebook… Read More

Netflix Crowned Video “King” Biggest Source Of Web Traffic In US: Report

“Real-time entertainment” in general transcends web browsing as top activity in peak hours… Netflix Inc. has become the single biggest source of peak downstream Internet traffic in the U.S., accounting for 24.71 percent of aggregate traffic, according to a latest report by SandvineRead More

Coalition Of Google, Facebook And Twitter Oppose Internet Privacy Bill

Despite the feigned empathy towards those that are worried about the impending threat of a new social networking privacy law is making for strange bedfellows these days. Google, Facebook, Twitter and more than a dozen other Internet companies from around the world of technology and social media have joined a coalition to oppose… Read More

Yahoo Acquires Startup 5to1 To Boost Premium Ad Sales For $28 Million

Seeking to beef up its sales of premium online ads, internet pioneer Yahoo on Wednesday announced an agreement to acquire 5to1, an online advertising platform that lets top brand advertisers purchase unsold premium inventory on the sites of 20 major publishers, for $28 million… Read More

Twitter Rolls Out New Privacy Restrictions For Third-Party Applications

Twitter Inc., the micro-blogging service, is bolstering its privacy settings on Tuesday announced on its blog that it has added tools that give users more control over how data is accessed with third-party applications… Read More

Yahoo Messenger Now Optimized For iPad 2, Supports Video Calling

Fans of the Yahoo Messenger messaging platform can now enjoy video calling on iPad 2. In a bid to lure its vast audience, last night, announced that it has updated the Yahoo Messenger app to work with the iPad, as well as adding voice and video calling features for iPad 2 owners… Read More

Google Finally Expands Social Search In 19 Languages Across The Globe

In a bid to elevate its social profile, and just nineteen months after it originally introduced the feature in North America, Google on Thursday unveiled plans via its new official Search Blog that it is rolling out Social Search in 19 more languages, increasing its reach to more… Read More

Facebook And Microsoft Forge Alliance To Combat Child Pornography

While much of the social media world is still bustling about LinkedIn’s IPO, but the popular social media Facebook and Microsoft on Friday formally unveiled an alliance to ferret out child porn at the world’s leading online social network, in an attempt to drive pedophiles away from… Read More

Six tips to build a loyal customer base online

As we know, anyone can think of setting up a blog and then do in a matter of day or so. But the easiest part ends here because you will require quite a bit of groundwork and research to be a successful blogger. Establishing your credibility and increasing the popularity of your blog demands a supreme effort. Realizing the intrinsic potential of the tool and drawing real benefits of blogging demands outsourcing of skill and expertise. Continue reading

Ingredients of successful business blogging

There are many tried & tested ways of organically building traction, generating awareness over time and achieving value for your business. The core of your blogging activity is to make sure that is remains on point and primed for success. It takes precise domain expertise, proper market research, updated information and a genuinely user-friendly approach to make a blog work. Continue reading

Use your blog to enhance reach within the online realm

While a large chunk of the online publishers do not always attract the attention of anyone else but indulgent relatives, friends and family members, there are those who do manage to derive a reasonable audience base and good income. Especially budding entrepreneurs must make the optimum use of blogging for business success.  But blogging isn’t as easy and simplistic as it seems. Continue reading

How to make your blog earn for you?

Internet is a maze through which you have to make you way up, the real hard way.  Take the case of Zach Patton and Clayton Dunn, the duo behind ‘The Bitten Word’. The two bloggers based in Washington write about recipes. The site was launched in 2008 and currently has close to 150,000 visitors every month. Continue reading

Is it possible for blogs to click their way to riches?

Starting a business site or personal blog can at times seem like randomly casting a digital message in a ubiquitous bottle deep into the vast sea of online content. Many site owners do so hoping earnestly that someone might enjoy and appreciate their captivating cupcake recipes, precocious parrot videos or even pithy commentary on humdrum of everyday life. Then there are others who set out to develop loyal and sizable followings, keen to strike money from the pool of audiences. Continue reading

Elements critical to building your brand’s trust quotient

Social Media is now a must-use tool for modern marketers, lookinst g for effective ways and means of customer engagement. Popular social networks provide emerging as well as established brands with new ways of reaching out to a wider audience in the most cost effective manner. Continue reading

Tips to set up your Gmail for scanning email messages faster

Gmail offers several customization options. Especially, when a user gets literally hundreds of mails every working day it’s vital that he or she can have it set up to process them faster and more efficiently. In this context, you may want to know about the settings and features that can help to power and process through my email. Here are a few tips to set up your Gmail for running through hundreds of email messages during a busy day. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: May 09-13-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…

Facebook Offering Incentives–Now Pays Users 10 Cents To Watch Video Ads
In an attempt to bolster up its recently launched deals program, popular social media networking giant Facebook over the weekend introduced a new program that will now reward users who watch certain ads with Facebook Credits, the company’s virtual currency, which can be redeemed to purchase goods on Facebook Deals, the company’s new Groupon-like… Read More

Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 5.5 Targets iPad With Photoshop Support
Adobe Inc. is craving to capitalize on the tablet craze, opened a new chapter today as it announced the availability of its mid-cycle upgrade to its development and design software, Creative Suite 5.5., which now includes tools to target the Apple iPad, Android and BlackBerry tablets… Read More

Google Experimenting With Redesigned Search Results Page
Google users are grumbling over what appears to be a part of the test group of users that the Internet search engine giant Google has been using as digital guinea pigs for a redesign of its search results page, which features a new color scheme along with a lot more white space… Read More

Microsoft TV Ads To Target Old PCs — Opens A Store In Skeptic’s House
Well, this is what it takes to convince somebody to upgrade a PC these days? Microsoft is adopting a novel approach to selling its Windows 7 operating system by opening stores in people’s homes, the company’s new campaign is meant to persuade consumers to give up their older Windows PCs in favor of the latest versions running Windows 7… Read More

YouTube Unveils 3,000 Full-Fledge Movie Offerings, Challenging Netflix
After more than a year of rumors that it was on the verge of launching a significant online movie rental service, Google owned popular video sharing site YouTube has moved to bolster the appeal of its outlet by expanding into streaming professionally produced full-length movies through… Read More

Microsoft Shell-Out $8.5 Billion To Grab “Skype” From Google’s Jaws
A week after rumors started swirling that Google and Facebook are vying to get Skype, the Redmond Vole has walked in and scooped away the real-time communications company for a cool $8.5 billion in an all-cash deal. This could be the most expensive call Microsoft Corp. has ever… Read More

Google Introduces Image Search With Sort By Subject Option
Looking for an image but unable to find it on Google? For people who adopt Google’s Image Search to find photos and graphics should now have an easier time zeroing in on just the right ones. The search titan is turning on a new sorting option for Google Images that lets you sort… Read More

Facebook Unveils Page Tagging In Photos — Show Their Love For Brands
Internet’s favorite social media network Facebook on Wednesday, announced a new photo-tagging feature that empowers users identify people or objects that have their own Facebook Pages, this will certainly make brands and celebs happy… Read More

Facebook Forges Alliance With Web Of Trust — To Keep Your Profile Safe
On the heels of a massive PR shitstorm, popular social media outfit Facebook on Thursday announced that they have partnered with the Web of Trust, a community driven warning service provider to help users avoid clicking on dubious internet links to ensure that your profile stays… Read More

Yahoo Debuts Smart Ads On Homepage — In Video Format
Having appropriately beefed up the technology underlying its Smart Ads program, internet pioneer Yahoo is rolling out a refurbished dynamic ads product out on its homepage and is stepping up its sales efforts for a video version of the same platform that can target consumers based on information such as location, age, gender and online behavior… Read More