Monthly Archives: March 2012

By default, Firefox set to utilize Google Secure Search

The Firefox browser is well on track to put to use a secure method to search Google by default. The change will reportedly help prevent any potential ‘monitoring’ of what visitors are searching for. It will further curtail the ability for publishers to find out how users locate or reach their websites – with exception of Google advertisers. An apparent loophole in Google Secure Search will continue to provide them this data. Continue reading

Implications of Google’s HTTP Referrer changes

In an endeavor to further improve to surfacing of search query data through Webmaster Tools, Google has unveiled another change.  For browsers with the requisite support, the search engine will be utilizing the ‘referrer’ meta tag for automatically simplifying the referring URL sent by the browser while visiting a page that is linked from any organic search result. The company claims this will lead to faster results and a far more streamlined experience for its users. Continue reading

Implications of Facebook Timeline for small businesses

Facebook Timeline is going to become mandatory for everyone, all companies included, post March 30, 2012. There are several key changes, but some of them are absolutely crucial from branding and marketing perspective so that they should be carefully considered. This is necessary for a brand – irrespective of size, scale and domain – to fine tune its marketing strategy and align it with the new features. Continue reading

How can opportunities tab help your campaign?

The Opportunities tab is a key area of an AdWords account to help businesses improve online ad campaigns. It can help site owners discover more important keywords and make optimum use of the budget. Users who run their AdWords accounts with specific goals in mind should try the tab. Continue reading

Blending basic keyword search with semantic search technology

Instead of simply surfacing a list of ubiquitous blue web links, the all new Google search, will also give more facts and direct answers to queries right at the top of the relevant results page. By using ‘semantic search technology’, it intends to bring about the biggest makeover as yet. The idea on part of the world’s most popular search engine is to stay well ahead of the curve and keep its top spot in the online world. Continue reading

How to optimize your Google Webmaster Tools Analytics account?

In this post, we shall discuss more practical ideas that can be used for enhancing your business site’s visibility, popularity and better performance with help of features in Google Analytics. There are certain steps we can initiate with this powerful tool like connecting your Webmaster Tools account that you should know about. Continue reading

Slow websites kill success; ruin traffic

‘Please wait a moment. Loading………….’

How long would you wait for a website to load?

The jet speed age, we are into, seems to have people for whom, waiting for anything can be extremely frustrating. Online inquiries are now being answered in mere milliseconds, and there is no stopping the users, until your website brings them to a halt. Continue reading

Relevance of sitelinks to your ads

A fast, simple albeit effective way for increasing your AdWords efficiency is to add sitelinks to a campaign. If it’s eligible to display sitelinks but it still doesn’t have them up as yet, it’s perhaps missing out on a good business opportunity. To overcome the problem, sitelinks have been added to the Opportunities tab. Continue reading

Why an online makeover is now essential?

The Internet is akin to a permanent storehouse of our past and present interactions. It won’t forget anything posted about you in a hurry. So it is absolutely vital to refurbish your professional reputation by constantly publishing positive information about your business. To put the best foot forward, create an identity you want others to view favorably. Link anything positive you publish to your business site so that opinion makers, bloggers, and influencers can take a cut and take it forward. Continue reading

How to set up goals based on your site objectives?

One issue that anxious site owners and webmasters often face is getting relevant insights about Google Analytics data. They all have created an Analytics account, but look merely at page views or the total number of visitors that they draw. This is not a correct approach, when it comes to leveraging the potential of this powerful free Web Analytics tool to know more about their users. The in-depth data dug out from it can definitely help better target the prospect for enhanced conversions. That is what we shall try to check in this particular post: Continue reading