Monthly Archives: April 2012

Why is Blekko rising up the charts so fast?

By the end of this month, traffic to Blekko is expected to almost quadruple since the beginning of January 2012. The site has witnessed a 337% rise in unique visitors – unique IPs checking in at 5.33 million so far this month from just around 1.58 million of them in December, which is indeed a dramatic rise for a not-so-famous search engine! According to research agency comScore, it now gets nearly triple the traffic of DuckDuckGo. The search company has its own logic and reasons to explain an impressive set of numbers. Continue reading

5 top features of Google AdWords for YouTube video

Attracting nearly 800 million monthly visitors across the globe, YouTube is a powerful and popular advertising platform. As we are all aware, a successful viral video can propel a new product or service to new peaks of popularity. For top global brands, it’s akin to marketing during the Super Bowl. To help even smaller businesses aim it big with video, the social site has introduced a slew of tools and enhancements. Continue reading

A new drive to search and sync data with overall Google experience seamlessly

The Internet giant has just introduced Google Drive, a platform to create and share, collaborate and retain all of your important data. It’s the company’s response to popular online storage tools such as, Dropbox, SugarSync, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. It provides free online, synchronized 5GB of storage, with paid upgrades up to 1TB. With it, people can easily create, compile and collaborate on different text and visual material. What are its other key features? Continue reading

Paid adverts, a first for blogging platform Tumblr  

One of the world’s popular blogging platforms, Tumblr, will start selling ads on its pages from next month. The announcement marks the company’s foray into the arena of paid-for advertising something it has been averse to thus far. Top brands like IBM and EMI Music already use it for promoting their services. However, this will be the first time they can pay to seek advertising exposure on it. Continue reading

Dealing with security problems, the Google way!

Google has reportedly decided to raise its bounty on tricky software bugs, which hackers look to exploit for launching cyber attacks on its services. The search engine giant has just recently marked its Vulnerability Reward Program’s anniversary, possibly among the few permanent tools of its type for protecting web properties. This proactive collaboration with the broader security research community has met with an enthusiastic and spontaneous response since its launch. Continue reading

How your site can get penalized by Google for over-optimization?

Earlier in March we had written an article about how Matt Cutts had warned that Google will start penalizing websites that indulged in over-optimization practices.

In this post, we will guide you through few critical points where over optimization will get your website penalized and the precautions that you should take during the optimization process. Continue reading

Bing view on implementing markup for sequenced content on your site

As a search engine Bing generally has depended on a set of heuristics to decide if and how individual webpages are related or linked to each other on a site. Now, using the optional link elements (rel=”next”; rel=”prev”), you may provide it a strong hint of both structure and the scope of sequenced content. For instance, think about content on your site spread across multiple pages like forum threads, or time-sequenced material like blog posts and news articles. By making use of the rel=”next” and rel=”prev”, you’ve complete control over the sequencing of pages. Continue reading

Implications of ‘contextual’ keyword-search technology to searchers and site owners

From Google’s Panda, Venice updates and Search Plus Your World, the search engine optimization landscape has indeed changed, in the last year or so. And while that will have an impact on your strategy, too, one thing, which remains the core to it, is keywords. They are still very much vital to your content and link oriented SEO strategies. There’s one change flowing down the Google sieve that will again change the scenario – semantic search and human element. Continue reading

Feature-loaded Bing Bar 7.1 rolled out

In an endeavor to make the Bing Bar more user-friendly, the company has made some changes to it, analyzing the way searchers use the product, the features that are used most, and those not so frequently used. Based on a feedback and a demand for cleaner interface, ease of usage and efficient performance, a new version of Bing Bar has just been rolled out. Continue reading