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New tools to effectively reach Adwords customers

A few years ago, Google came up with interest based advertising that also included remarketing as a means of reaching the desired audience or user base with your relevant message and re-engage with prospects, who have checked into a website. Since introducing this particular change, the company claims that users have witnessed positive results, leading to more customer engagement, better ROI as well as higher sales. Continue reading

What is driving corporate social networks?

What LinkedIn made possible for industry connections and Facebook did for friendships, can emerging enterprise social networks do the same for a company’s workforce? It’s indeed a big opportunity waiting to be tapped and someone to conquer it. Most popular social sites don’t really have much of a palpable learning curve or novelty, since many users are familiar with them. Specialized networks such as LinkedIn are facing a similar situation. Continue reading

Handy resources for real time social keyword search

When you want to gather or research semantic keywords relevant on the social web in real time, you can do so through social search. What you wish to find is how your prospects are using a particular term. Carefully look at the terms surrounding that key term and then determine how to make use of it for building your own set of semantic keywords. There are certain reliable avenues you may turn to keyword ideas. Continue reading

Parameters to gauge the success of your landing pages

When you are keen to find out poorly performing landing pages that are proving to be a drag on your SEO efforts, some of the metrics to take into account are bounce rate, navigation summary, and of course, conversion rates. Before we discuss each of the above metrics more specifically, let us know a bit more about the power of employing filters in your web analytics exercise. Continue reading

Vital considerations for validating potential link partners

The issue that we are dealing with here is among the many, what are the most key metrics to check at the time of validating potential link partners? How does one decide those, which ultimately matter? This can be a tricky terrain for link builders, especially new or inexperienced ones. To simplify the task, we discuss some of the significant attributes or parameters. Continue reading

What are the key link building metrics?

If an SEO Consultant looking to do link building, he or she is often evaluating the architecture and delving into site metrics. Link builders should be on lookout for cues, which make a site probably a good potential partner. Generally, they consider metrics like a SEO, but also some less tangible cues such as engagement or trustworthiness. What are the right strategies or steps to follow to qualify a potential link partner? Continue reading

Norms of successful social media monitoring and commenting

Ask any experienced social media specialist, and the expert is bound to recommend as one integral aspect of the strategy, to always proactively and constructively respond to select comments directed towards you or your brand on popular networking channels, forums, review sites, blogs, bulletin boards, and other channels.  After all, you are supposed to be an active part of any brand-centric or domain-specific online conversation. Especially smaller businesses must follow this practice. Continue reading

4 reasons why your infographics are not working ?

We all have seen them, too many of them. At times, even felt overloaded with them. Ever wondered why inspite of good enough data, visual chunks and best graphic tools, your infographics are well, flop? If not done perfectly, they can fail terribly. In Part one of the  series, we talked about “Why every marketer should create infographics” , now let us figure out, why your infographics are not working.

Continue reading

Relevance of backlinks data and quality maintenance

Carrying out a comprehensive backlinks audit is important since it provides a thorough understanding of a site’s link profile as well as the historical backlinks’ quality quotient. The exercise helps know the scope of losing out on link equity in the near future and of monitoring any such link equity loss on a regular basis. This makes it possible to modify link strategy, if and when necessary, in order to ensure ranking improvements, traffic growth and ultimately better conversions. Continue reading

Why and how to check the link acquisition velocity of your site?

As we all understand, drawing an abnormally large number of links too fast over a short time period has never been such a good idea. Webmasters should watch out for the acquired links levels, especially now that negative SEO seemingly turns into a bothering issue. There are a couple of quick ways of checking the link acquisition velocity of your site, using a select services and authentic expertise. In this post, we shall discuss some of the key links related over-optimization instances. Continue reading