A backgrounder on the need for SEO-centric press releases

The all-encompassing digital media has completely transformed the way press releases are prepared and distributed. Small business owners, who are savvy enough to grasp how this powerful publicity tool has evolved online over last few years, understand its intrinsic value to boost business margins. They know the importance of integrating search engine optimization techniques within it for enhanced brand visibility and awareness.

Not so long ago, among the only major avenues of passing on your business related updates were handouts and dispatches to journalists and analysts. Many of them, naturally disinclined to pay heed to an unsolicited piece of data, could simply ignore them. Those, who did view the content, would decide whether to publicize it based on their own perception and at their own discretion. All in all, earning free publicity was a tough proposition for companies, especially the smaller ones.

Create a buzz about your business
Now the scenario has changed. Those looking to boost their business by spreading a word about their products and services can do so with consummate ease thanks to the Internet and social media. They can distribute the news releases really very fast across online just at the click of a button.

Businesses can post the release contents on their respective websites for everyone concerned, including journalists, analysts, business partners, and bloggers to see, who will pick it up from there. It thus becomes possible to draw the attention of your potential customers with the least amount of effort and cost.

SEO plays a major role in spreading a buzz about your business via press releases. Proper optimization means you can reach out to the users, who prefer to use search engines to seek information and do their research. An effective usage of social media optimization techniques will ensure that your releases remain in the public realm and memory till the time they are relevant.

Social media driven and SEO-centric releases
Today’s enhanced social media driven and SEO-centric news releases comprise all fanciful features, such as embedded video clips, quick links to relevant Web pages, infographics, as well as options to share the content on the popular social networks.

If you are keen to improve the search engine ranking of your site, you may include a link to it in your press release, and then post the news bit on authoritative sites like PRWeb and PR Newswire. No surprise, most online marketing experts advise businesses to think of their timely press release not only as a media relations exercise – as it has been historically treated – but also as a mini Web page

To sum up,
bombarding people with unsolicited releases won’t really earn you much of traction. On the other hand, optimized newsletters and press releases can greatly help your business draw attention of your target audience. In the upcoming post, we shall grasp the nuances of SEO for press releases, something that can greatly benefit small businesses.