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Twitter redesign to engage users and draw advertisers too

Allow your brand to take flight on Twitter thanks to an enhanced profile page, proclaims Twitter about its new launch. The popular networking site has just unveiled a fresh  version, which will make it easier to find out what’s new happening now. The redesign includes enhanced ‘brand pages’ for a handful of established brands, some of which have already resorted to Facebook for drawing potential customers. Twitter has now joined the race vigorously to capture their imagination. Continue reading

A backgrounder on the need for SEO-centric press releases

The all-encompassing digital media has completely transformed the way press releases are prepared and distributed. Small business owners, who are savvy enough to grasp how this powerful publicity tool has evolved online over last few years, understand its intrinsic value to boost business margins. They know the importance of integrating search engine optimization techniques within it for enhanced brand visibility and awareness. Continue reading

A tool that greatly boosts your brand’s international presence

Online marketplaces are great avenues to promote your products/services free of charge. They allow you to get your offerings in front of potential buyers across the world in the most cost-effective manner. There are over a billion online consumers across the globe that can be reached through your e-commerce website as a potent medium. Wouldn’t you love to access as many of them to expand your potential customer base and increase your profit margins? Continue reading