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A tool that greatly boosts your brand’s international presence

Online marketplaces are great avenues to promote your products/services free of charge. They allow you to get your offerings in front of potential buyers across the world in the most cost-effective manner. There are over a billion online consumers across the globe that can be reached through your e-commerce website as a potent medium. Wouldn’t you love to access as many of them to expand your potential customer base and increase your profit margins?

If yes, then the answer lies in the Google Export tool. Let us focus on this all-encompassing Web based business utility that many of us are perhaps still unaware of. Launched sans any fanfare, it is extremely handy for the export community thanks to its useful features. Some of them are listed below:

  • The Google Export tool enables aspiring and ambitious businesspeople like you in overcoming the potential barriers for operating globally. Apart from a practical advice and effective insights, it provides relevant offers to helps businesses tap the expanding international markets.
  • The Google Export Adviser combines the functionality of three powerful tools into one, namely Google Translate, Google Keyword Suggestion tool, and Google Traffic Estimator. Once you enter your keyword phrase, Translate converts it into local languages you want. The Keyword Suggestion tool finds variations of the keywords/ phrases in the local language. The Traffic Estimator aggregates the volume of online searches and their average cost per click for each market.
  • The Export Adviser from the search engine giant has been designed to act as a quick resource for identifying the lucrative overseas markets with the greatest search volume for relevant products/services. It gives a quick view and review of the average cost per click.

Importantly, using it is extremely easy. This is what you need to do:

  • Choose home country option (not the one you want to target).
  • Choose your country’s primary language.
  • In the ‘product keywords’ box enter up to 3 keyword phrases.
  • Choose your export region.

The outcome is in table format that shows search volume as well as CPC for each of the specific markets in this selected region. An ‘opportunity score’, essentially a function of the search volume plus the average CPC, is also displayed. This helps prioritize your advanced market research. There is ample data on market insight and market overview for the countries on the list. Once you identify your target markets, the next step is to gauge the feasibility of targeting them and the logistics of the marketing processes.

Though currently not a complete ‘go to market tool’, Google Export tool is a great resource to launch the process of local market identification. It will expand over time for further understanding of the finer aspects one should consider to go global. The FAQ and instructions are apparently titled towards the UK where it was first launched. But it is set to include more enhanced features in the near future. So keep tracking the tool and propel your brand to new peaks of success, internationally!

The world is wide open for your emerging business. ..