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We tend to ignore the old things the moment when we get something new. Either it’s a car, bike or content. While riding your brand new car, sometimes you miss that feeling that memories associated with your old car, don’t you! You want to ride it again, but because your car is not in a running condition and you will have to repair it which is time consuming so just you drop the idea eventually.

This is what exactly happens with your old content. You think of your great content which you had written in the past and received quite the appreciation you expected. But since you have new content which is good and doing well, you just forget about your old one which still has the potential to lure the audience.

Well, if this is the case with you, then my friend you are also underutilizing a very Good tactic called “Republishing”. Remember that great content which you had written 3 years ago? And think that it is still useful and engaging. Then what is hindering you from doing that? Just make a move pal.

You can actually save time and energy by republishing your post. You just need to revamp it and make it updated, but the basic structure will remain the same and you will save on the time required to ideate, write, edit, structuring etc. It will not only save you time but will also provide you good rankings.

Now I have got your complete attention by mentioning the word “good rankings”  You will quickly grab the core idea with this instance: -

You were digging through the old library and found a brilliant article that you had written and published on your website 3 years ago about “How to make chocolate sandwich”.

You know that the content was great and it is still capable in engaging the audience.

You revamped that article and added some new ingredient and then republished your content. And hurray! People are not hitting the back button, in fact, they are engaged and reading till the last page.  This engaging process can’t go unnoticed by Google, and when Google sees visitors in your website for a very long time, it’s going to reward you with + points.

A small research conducted recently showed that a republished article was doing so good that from 2nd page the website made it to top 3. Google just cares about the user experience and if you are providing it, then you are entitled to get more visitors.

Why It Works

  1. Firstly be clear about how Google ranks your content. If you are running an authoritative website and you publish new content, Google sometimes puts it on the top results to see how is it performing and is it of some use to the searcher. If the visitors enter your website and don’t click the back button, Bingo! Your content just won Google’s approval. And as a token of appreciation Google will let your content remain in the same position for a while.
  2. Like everybody else, Google also likes fresh content. So if you re-craft your content and then republish it, you are going to receive a positive response from both the searcher and Google. So that’s another plus point of republishing.
  3. You look authoritative and also get to increase association with Google by publishing an article on same topic multiple times. You are offering lots of content and particularly more about specific subject i.e. “How to make a chocolate sandwich or chocolate dishes”. Google will analyze audience engagement rate with your website on that particular topic & will start to list you in the upper position of SERP as you are providing good content related to that keyword. Also it will give you good ranking in other keywords related to chocolate or making a sandwich which is awesome!
  4. More the content more the opportunities of earning links, amplification, shares, etc. So when you republish the article you will get another shot at reaching your targeted audience and getting all the stuff that influence ranking.
  5. You get better by time. So the content you have written 5 years ago will now be revamped by more skilled hands. And it’s not worth mentioning that what a high-quality content can do for you website.

Potential Processes

Basically, there are three ways to republish. Every process is different and its best to choose the one that suits you most.

  1. Publishing several pieces one after another.
  2. Replacing the old content with the new one.
  3. Redirecting old content to new one.

So choose your process and the content wisely which you are planning to republish. Also don’t forget to check the stats to know the specific number or exact engagement rate of your old article. Choose the best ones and republish it to enjoy higher rankings with minimal efforts.

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In the present era, everybody wants their content to rise up high on the big stage. And fresh content isn’t the only way you’d be able to do it.

And in today’s pacey environment, people scribble away content without understanding the purpose of its build-up.

If we look back a few years, we’d notice the likes of blogs, infographics and other content genres galumphed their way in with a simulative scenario that saw individuals being sunk into the frame.

For content to take your brand on an upward stream, you need to know what you’re writing, in which way would it benefit the business and how you’d need to write it in order for it to take place.

For a content-driven initiative, we’ve put forth 4 questions that you might have to pry yourself into.


What’s the purpose of content?

You can’t just randomly start scribbling. You mainly need to know the reason that’s making you write the content. SEO’s have it aimed at organic traffic.

Well, SEO’s basically look for sites with keyword-rich content. But it doesn’t assure you of your targets.

The reasons for content creation include:

  • Gaining social engagement
  • Converting on-site objectives like lead generation or sales
  • Building a brand or increase thought leadership
  • Copy-cat tactics of the competition

And this is just the cover of a book. Every page about the content needs to be grazed through thoroughly by every hand on the deck.


Do you know who the audience would be?

It’s time to know on who your content would be aimed at, now that you why you need to write. In the process, analytics are essential to keep a track of your content; its size, style, additions, edits and more. This would keep you on the right path.

Keep your eyes on age, gender, interests, etc., of your targets and the review sections, landing pages etc. on your site. Note this down for thorough analysis whilst the planning phase.

View this sample that runs through age groups:


Here, you’d notice varying user performances in terms of bounce or exit rates. At this point, the existing site can help a user go through the site & begin a conversion funnel. But at the same point, it may not be a first-touch conversion point.

To know which content types generate better leads & sales, monitoring demographics can help you assess it. For instance, your content could be bound around videos that receive rave reviews from users.


What Content would do the trick?

From drawing in visitors with social media content to creating additional content on the websites, and a lot more. But a multitude of question marks about the real purpose of content still hover over our head.

A bit more analysis is required at this juncture if we’re to know how well the content is received by the users in the real world.

But there are tools like BuzzSumo that track content, highlighting the ones that’ve performed well.


Generation of best engagement levels on social platforms is what this tells us about. There are also other tools like Open Site Explorer that gives you an idea of the most productive content.


How to Test a New Content Type?

A careful approach is what’s needed to test a new content type, just to avoid risks.

Avoid relying on historical data if you’ve never attempted to create this content before. And always be by your content tracking search tool.

Social engaged content would pop up, the very moment you search for topics using keywords. If you peep into the chart of competitors, you’d notice their prominent presence relies heavily upon keywords used in blog posts, resource articles, videos, etc.

Always look deeper into your customer case by using e-mails, focus groups, surveys etc. to have questions lined up that’ll give you a sense of smarter keyword usage to target audiences with regards to their interests.

Polling specific questions will help you hone in on specific demographic information. Be aware that you are limited by the depth of your budget, but you can gain great insight on what kinds of content people are interested in.

These questions would have demographic information chiselled for better understanding. But don’t let the budget get the better of you. Don’t let your budget get the better of you, and cardinally focus upon people’s interests for a better insight.



This should give you a better perspective on coming up with content opportunities. Just avoid galloping down blindly with the digital crowd and into a content expansion effort.

Interpret & analyse your target audience’s interests and walk attentively through, precisely engaging upon your content expansion strategy.

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Google’s Key to success is excellent user experience and Google leaves no stone unturned in order to achieve that goal. The hummingbird update was pushed to better understand the queries of the searcher so that they can be directed to useful pages. Whereas Panda update was introduced to encourage website owners to upload only useful content. Previously, many websites succeeded in reaching the top of search results using keyword and URL tricks, despite having low-content, which has now been made much more difficult by Google.

In the past two years, Google has become aggressive and frequently updating its search engine algorithm thus indirectly forcing website owners to provide the user with best possible content since content drives online marketing efforts.

At current, content created to please the search engine is less effective than the content created with excellent user-experience being the paramount goal.

So if you put customers first and develop content to communicate and help them, you will notice many advantages:

  • You will be completely safe from Google algorithm updates since it’s been developed to encourage websites to upload better content.
  • The user experience will be enhanced and so does their time spent.
  • Users will be pleased by your efforts and will reward you with positive reviews, which is one of the most influencing factors in online purchasing.

Different content for every phase
Searchers convert into a customer in four stages. By understanding their specific requirement in each phase, you can increase your engagement rate. By sorting out their queries and providing them with what they want, you are slowly getting their trust which is vital for sale.

The first phase is Awareness. During this phase, searchers look out for information only. They do more of an informational search and if you provide precise and accurate information about the product or service they are searching for, Bingo! You have just won the first round.

The second phase is Interest. In this phase, there direction turns from informational search to navigational queries. They now have an idea about the product / service and your brand. They will begin comparing different brands with yours. The most used keyword during this period is:

  • What is the difference between XYZ and ABC.
  • Which one is best, ABC or XYZ.

    They are actually trying to figure out if your company is worthwhile? And here, if you provide content that indirectly reflects your persona as an expert, the trust factor is going to boost enormously.

By reaching this phase, a consumer gets a fair idea about what will be right fit and with which brand they will proceed. But they haven’t come to the final stage yet. They now start making commercial investigations using search engines. If a user is interested in buying a specific mobile phone, most used keywords in this phase will be:

  • [Mobile Phone] Demo
  • [Mobile Phone] Reviews
  • Expert [Mobile Phone] Videos

The consumer is eager to learn more about the product and company as they are going to invest their hard earned money. In this phase, if you provide content that guides them through their choices and help them making the final decision, they are most probably going to select you over your competitors.

Taking action is the final stage. Searchers are now bursting up with knowledge and they are about to make a purchase. They look out for pages which can provide safety as well as let them complete the transaction with ease. By making payment options secure and easy, you are helping them in taking action. Since you have helped the searcher in every phase, you have earned their trust and as a token of appreciation you will get loyal customers and free word-of-mouth publicity.

To best align your content to the customer funnel, follow the below tips:

1.  Identify Keywords Based Upon Each Phase of the Customer Journey.

2.  See How Your Content Relates to Each Phase and Identify Gaps.

3.  Optimize Content for Keywords, cautiously!

4.  Develop New Content to Fill Gaps.

5.  Use Quality Metrics to Monitor Progress.

I would highly recommend you to quit thinking from a website owner’s perspective and start doing things to actually help people. If you do things with this intention, you will take a holistic approach towards it which will be extremely beneficial in long run. Be it the customers trust, search engine ranking or word-of-mouth publicity, you will get them all.

But there are several aspects of Internet marketing where clear intentions can’t help you. Be it the technical configuration of your site, mobile friendliness, SEO or better site navigation you will need help of experts. Fortunately, we have expertise in the same and are providing our services globally since 12 years. So far, more then 14000+ clients have placed trust in us and reaping the benefits of it.

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