Crucial aspects that play a role in effective PPC

Pay Per Click or PPC ads are snappy sentences of limited characters that pack a punch and attract the Internet users. Among the major PPC engines are Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, and Google Adwords. The method is as follows: Advertisers bid on keyword phrases, which they feel are relevant to their market or target audience, and pay the host when any of these is clicked. Blog sites usually charge a fixed amount per click instead of following a bidding system.

Let us just summarize the key points of our previous post. The three key facets of a successful PPC campaign, as we’ve learnt, are:

  1. Basic research on your competitors’ strategy to score over them
  2. Ability to think out of the box, usage of correct keywords
  3. Aligning the campaign with your customers’ needs so that they feel compelled to click

We shall now grasp the other vital aspects of a successful PPC campaign. A comprehensive PPC Management Service comprises a few critical steps, such as initializing your project, campaign optimization followed by other key activities, and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics helps track your Google AdWords account’s profitability – as a whole and also that of each individual keyword. Although a bit complex to set up, it is highly beneficial as you are simply required to reduce the respective bids or manage the keywords in your account.

Now, I shall list some of the important aspects that play a role in effective PPC.

  • Learn to set up a campaign with correct keyword variations and combination to make potential purchasers click on the ads.
  • Make sure that the online users, who happen to click on the ads, are keen to  do business as the logical next step. This is known as ‘pre-qualifying’ in technical terms.
  • Focus on specific buying terms as well as product numbers for this. Another handy pre-qualifying criterion is to display prices in the ads.
  • Effective lead generation is crucial to the entire exercise. People randomly clicking ads sans the intent to buy won’t bring any value to your enterprise.
  • Of course, not every individual will turn a buyer straightaway, so be patient. Keep learning from your mistakes and make it a point to consistently fine-tune your strategy.
  • If you offer something of value in lieu of an individual user’s email address, then that well might work in your favor. You will be able to promote your products/services via email, thus saving on ‘click’ costs.
  • Carry a couple of ads in each ad group. Weigh the respective responses. Substitute the non-performing ones with those doing well. Setting up a Conversion Tracking mechanism will help in effective PPC.
  • Last but not the least, a competent follow-up service and support via email, chat or conference calls is extremely important to win the client confidence and trust.

In the next post, we shall discuss some common mistakes advertisers make with their PPC campaign.