Factors that decide the choice of ads shown on Google

Google Analytics helps you to follow how your users or the potential customers interact with your site. It’s a handy web analytics tool, which can offer in-depth data on your site usage which sites and key search engine terms direct people to it. This information and analysis lets you take up appropriate marketing activities and define strategies so as to enhance your AdWords performance, grasp visitor preferences; follow what exactly they do on your site, and improve your site design.

After a user types a keyword, the AdWords analyzes whether or not to show your ad so as to direct the person to your site. There are several aspects taken into consideration while making this decision. As we have seen in the previous post, different factors like the Google domain, the actual search term, the users’ physical location based on the computer’s IP address and language setting are considered before showing any ad to a user.

Geographical locations and ad campaign targeting

A site owner can pick any relevant combination of major geographical locations to target with their campaign. This will enable them to focus on specific countries, regions, territories, cities etc. Specifying your location targeting becomes simpler with an interactive map targeting tool. It is possible to alter the location settings.

Using IP address for targeting ads

Country-specific Google domains (like Google.fr) do not employ IP address for targeting ads, but Google.com does so. For instance, if a user with a British IP address visits Google.com, the search engine will display ads targeted to the UK, though the user isn’t accessing Google.co.uk.

It is important to keep in mind that the overall performance of your ad and/or keywords may not always be constant. It is going to fluctuate based on the quantum of Web traffic each day. This to some extent will affect the performance of your ad campaign. Apart from this, important current events may influence the total number of impressions and clicks that your ads will receive.


There is a separate section, which lists the different types of geographical regions  your ad campaign can target employing the ‘CampaignTargetService’. Apart from the specifid geographical region, a site owner can target custom areas with a point & radius (proximity target) or a defined set of points (polygon target). The division is on basis of countries (target or exclude countries); provinces (target or exclude provinces within a country); Metros (those from US only), US cities and worldwide cities (again, target or exclude cities).

Demographic bidding

Apart from geographic targeting, you may also opt for demographic bidding so that your ad reaches the target audiences in terms of age or gender. On websites that give specific details about their users, it is possible to display your ads to a select group you want, or even avoid displaying your to members of certain groups you don’t wish to reach.  To ensure that  your ad will reach or avoid members of those select, you should bid more for preferred demographic groups.