Four tips to create brand awareness within your online community

In the dynamic age of social media, traditional marketing means won’t suffice. Social media has built a two-way stream in which followers and fans look forward to a more proactive relationship with brands. From this perspective, it is necessary to communicate the intrinsic culture or ethos of a brand to its online community.

Gradually, brands are learning to leverage the vast realm of social media. Marketers now well realize the fact that their audience can extend beyond the offline parameters bound by physical constraints and usually served by the traditional media. It is necessary to take steps to connect with your online community so as to broaden the reach of your brand. For instance, if you are looking to promote an event, you may turn to Twitter to do so in cost-effective and efficient manner. Here are some handy tips to do so:

  1. Hashtags serve as a perfect means of tracking relevant topics on the social platform Twitter. Create an interesting hashtag on Twitter once you’ve set a date for the event. Make sure that the hashtag is short and crisp. It should capture the name or core theme of your event. People join the related discussion on Twitter by searching for the hashtag. This is an excellent idea to promote your event because even after it gets done, people still often put up own thoughts and reactions with the hashtag, and keep the discussion going.
  2. Now that you have created a buzz about an event within your target community online, go ahead and ask them to take part remotely. Social media channels open up the scope in terms of expanding your audience. Tweet to your followers important quotes, latest statistics, or the lively discussions as they take place. Encourage debates on Facebook on thought-provoking topics. Engage your online community with questions, quizzes and contests.
  3. It is also a good idea to establish a check-in through channels like Gowalla and Foursqare. Ask the participants to check into the event details on these networks. Give door prizes or raffles to those who check-in. Though check-ins to an event will most likely be promoting on Twitter and Facebook through automatic updates, this should generate a bit more excitement about the event. Foursquare’s unveiling of event check-ins has made this step easier than earlier.
  4. Having established a rapport with your online community, it is important to continue the conversation and sustain it. Social media updates and discussions mean that the event need not be forgotten in a hurry. Use its hashtag to continue sharing pictures and news summary. Retweets and mentions are of great help in this regard. Even after an event is over, constantly update your Facebook Page and Tumblr with photos and tidbits about the company.

The above tips will help you to create awareness about your brand within the thriving social realm.