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How to ensure that your ad is targeted to the right audience?

One important advantage of Google AdWords is that your budget parameters will define the maximum limit for your average daily spend – spread over a period of one month by modifying it as frequently as you wish. Keep in mind the fact that the ads, which are clear, compelling and specific, will more convince online users to click them so that they buy your products and services.

Position of an ad on the page

As we have followed in the previous post, some of the basic components of an ad are headline, lines of text, and Display URL. It is also important to know where and to whom they will be shown. You can opt the way your ad appears on the Web, be it on relevant sites across the Google’s Network or only on the search result pages. It is possible to control who will view your ad, and also target it to a certain set of viewers through keywords, country or region, language, and other pre-defined settings.

Your ad will get shown only to those users you have opted to target, meaning people searching for your chosen keywords in the location and language you have selected. In this context, let us now follow a few basics of ad targeting:

Keywords for ad targeting

It is vital to ensure that your ad is targeted well so that it reaches the right audience or the maximum possible potential customers. You can focus on the right type of audience with a relevant keyword list to target it. This makes sure your ads get displayed to the most interested users. Specific and Relevant keywords help your campaign to perform well and to maintain low CPCs.

Location and language based targeting

For each ad campaign, you select the preferred language of your audience. A flower shop in New York, London or Beijing, for example, will sure want to present an ad in a different language or tone to the respective audiences there. You will also set your audience’s location by country, city, region and other pre-defined areas – for a localized, nationwide or a worldwide search.

Advantages of Ad Preview Tool

After setting these specific options for targeting, the AdWords system will decide who to display your ad, depending on factors like Google domain of the user (www.google.co.uk or www.google.de), search term, computer’s IP address, and a language preference. You may make use of the Ad Preview Tool to check exactly how your ad will appear on Google.

It is recommended that you check your ad with this tool instead of carrying a regular Google search, as the latter can hamper your ad position through unwanted ad impressions, thus lowering the clickthrough rate (CTR). When you employ the Ad Preview Tool, the performance penalty won’t occur.