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How a Google Change may wrongly attribute search traffic to referral traffic?

Google’s set to make a major change to the way it reports key referrer information for its Chrome browser user. Some analytics programs, as a result, may start listing search online visitors as if they instead arrived directly from Google sans doing a search. The change posted on the Google Webmaster blog, will take some effort to understand what’s actually happening. Continue reading

How to optimize your Google Webmaster Tools Analytics account?

In this post, we shall discuss more practical ideas that can be used for enhancing your business site’s visibility, popularity and better performance with help of features in Google Analytics. There are certain steps we can initiate with this powerful tool like connecting your Webmaster Tools account that you should know about. Continue reading

Relevance of sitelinks to your ads

A fast, simple albeit effective way for increasing your AdWords efficiency is to add sitelinks to a campaign. If it’s eligible to display sitelinks but it still doesn’t have them up as yet, it’s perhaps missing out on a good business opportunity. To overcome the problem, sitelinks have been added to the Opportunities tab. Continue reading

Basics of setting up different goals and funnels

If you have a thriving online business and you are keen to further increase your website traffic flow, one of the reliable marketing strategies that you can bank upon is PPC search engine advertising. The more ‘active’ visitors, as you would agree, your chosen affiliate marketers have, the higher your chance of striking conversions and achieving sales targets. Continue reading

Insight into new version of Google Analytics and its custom report features

By creating an additional dashboard your account, you can focus on some of your key metrics. Google Analytics has made available the new dashboards as part of the new version of Google Analytics. The new, enhanced features are just the beginning of the impending changes to the new analytics platform over time. Following is the key feature you can try out in the Analytics v5: Continue reading

Enhanced custom reports in the Google Analytics

Every business site is different and unique, in its own way. Of course, it is not possible to customize macros aspects of the analytics. In the Google web analytics tools, much of the focus is on the standard reports. Custom reports have always remained an integral element. The new platform makes the custom reports more practicable and powerful. Continue reading

Tools to analyze the site visitors’ behavior

The main objective of every E-Commerce site is to focus on the service parameters or product features. The idea is to boost sales and increase the profit margins by drawing the attention of potential customers who form your target audience. This is where an array of tools to analyze the site visitors’ behavior, come into play. Continue reading

Google Analytics enables result oriented marketing initiatives

Campaign tracking broadly denotes a method to identify how users find your website. Specifically, you make use of campaign tracking section in Google Analytics for accurately tracking advertising campaigns to your site from AdWords-generated campaigns and other sources.
Continue reading