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Popular link building services

In this post, I shall discuss some of today’s popular link building services to help follow their handy user-friendly features. Some of the popular platforms in this domain are MyBlogGuest, EightfoldLogic, Whitespark and Zemanta. All have their own strengths and concepts that slightly vary from each other.

For example, some of them are slightly more service-based, whereas a few are pure-software driven. Other differentiation is their being more visibility-based than emphasizing on direct link acquisition. In the previous post, I’ve discussed Zemanta that allows publishers to submit a feed of images or text based content to them. This time I shall highlight a few more tools.


  • This particular service, founded by Ann Smarty, acts as a platform for those users looking to author as well as receive guest posts.
  • The user friendly tool is relatively uncomplicated, but potentially very effective.Its layout is attractive and signup process is simple. It can prove to be very powerful, especially if a good number of quality links including compatible sites and blogs form part of it.This enhances the online visibility.As a result, the chances of providing great posts as well as receiving sizable traffic and useful links back are quite substantial (as are the opportunities for those seeking more quality content and mutually beneficial relationships).
  • Blogging is an intrinsically social activity. While the links are known to be a primary driver for prospective users interested in the site, the founder hopes to build a deeper relationship from the online connections.

EightFoldLogic Linker

  • Software firm EightFoldLogic has launched Linker quite similar to MyBlogGuest. The interface is better customized to create one-to-one, personalized connections.
  • The goal is to connect websites and marketers keen to form partnerships or link based relationships. The mode of obtaining the requisite link is up to both the parties involved.

Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder

  • The concept of this automated tool by Whitespark & Ontolo is to find websites comprised in Google Local’s ‘sources’ for maps as well as local review data, which reference or link to multiple sites ranked in the local search results.
  • It’s a very basic idea, albeit useful for those who are keen on optimizing their local listings. As the local search results gain prominence, this tool will become more popular.

The core concept of marketplaces for precious link acquisition and connecting to websites keen on link building is compelling. The key with the above services, will be gathering the critical mass of active users requisite to make the platform truly valuable.