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Six tips to build a loyal customer base online

As we know, anyone can think of setting up a blog and then do in a matter of day or so. But the easiest part ends here because you will require quite a bit of groundwork and research to be a successful blogger. Establishing your credibility and increasing the popularity of your blog demands a supreme effort. Realizing the intrinsic potential of the tool and drawing real benefits of blogging demands outsourcing of skill and expertise. Continue reading

Achieving success on social media: A challenge for small B-2-B entities

These days, most tech-savvy businesses are looking to establish a firm link between the all pervading social media and their brand identity through focused marketing efforts. Tracking the trend, Forrester Research analyst Diane Clarkson, who charts out eBusiness multichannel strategies with the future in mind, states: Continue reading

Social networks to help ambitious entrepreneurs

There are several online social resources to let ambitious entrepreneurs connect and coordinate with other like-minded brand owners. This indeed is an effective way of creating real buzz about your business and circulating mutually beneficial business ideas across the Web. In this particular series of posts, we shall refer to some of the popular social networks, especially for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Continue reading