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Infuse a gaming element into your business site, here’s why!

Relish it or not, approve of it or not; the trend of gamification is going to stay. It is not a wise idea to fight it. Instead embrace it and you will encourage customers to stick to your brand. Using some of the catchy concepts involved in game mechanics on a business website, in your service, and also perhaps in your storefront. And if you are not convinced as why to infuse a gaming element into your business site, here’s why! Continue reading

Correct testing and other aspects integral to successful conversion rate optimization

Undertaking search engine optimization (SEO) or opting for a sustained pay per click campaign are among the few preferred options to draw sustained traffic flow. This is important to enhance the online visibility of your website. The key is to draw search engine users to your site and to keep them engaged to the webpage. You want them to stick to your site. Continue reading

Six tips to enhance your website’s conversion rate

While charting out a conversion optimization strategy, in many cases, it takes a complete overhaul of the existing pages to attain the desired results. On the other hand, a minor change in the call-to-action button can make a major difference, in some. For instance, just by changing it to ‘It’s free’ from a more conservative ‘Join Now’, you can draw the visitor’s attention. Continue reading

Aspects to consider during testing for conversion

Conversion Optimization is the holistic process of improving your website’s performance. This involves an in-depth analysis of your site traffic. A conversion specialist will make use of the findings to suggest improvements in different site elements, such as content and layout, to mention a few. Essentially, it’s about plugging up all leaks or loopholes in your conversion path. Continue reading

The US Commercial Service initiative to help businesses tap the Internet’s power

The US Commercial Service recently held a special event that dealt with the different aspects of a Website and its intrinsic ability to increase international sales. Of course, this theme is not entirely novel. It has been discussed briefly or in-depth at various other events in the past. However, significantly enough, it’s probably the first time that the US Government has taken an initiative to help e-Commerce businesses on this count. Continue reading