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Handy tools for social media marketing initiatives

There are wide array of useful services that present exciting opportunities for result oriented social media marketing. For example, with no hardware or software to install, you don’t at all need to wait to get going thanks to Salesforce. You are up & running and will notice a positive effect on your business soon. 

This is what Salesforce.com claims with Sales Cloud, Chatter, Service Cloud and Force.com at its disposal for you. Then there is HootSuite and many more. First, let’s check the features of Salesforce!

Allows to focus more on selling

Sales Cloud allows execs, reps and managers the luxury of focusing on what’s really more important: selling and not administration. Chatter allows the user to stay in the loop and collaborate with others at work.

On the other hand, Service Cloud claims to give more responsive and a faster service across all possible channels – right from the ubiquitous contact center to the wider social Web. Force provides developers with a platform for creating rich, highly collaborative Custom Cloud 2 apps sans hardware or a need to install software.

Service Cloud 2 platform

Salesforce.com has come up with several solutions via its dynamic Service Cloud 2 platform to help integrate social media with its ecosystem. Salesforce for Twitter is probably one of the most effective applications for B2B marketers using Salesforce.com. Don’t though confuse it with Chatter, Facebook for Business of Salesforce!

The former will let you pull in and track feeds as well as accounts present within the Salesforce.com CRM. You can assign leads or cases based on a tweet directly in the CRM. It can be followed up on as well as monitored along with the other key aspects of work flow.

Now let us turn to HootSuite…

It’s considered a perfect tool not only to manage your multiple Twitter accounts (or allowing multiple users access), but also to manage multiple social networks. By managing multiple social networks on single platform, you can save precious time and energy.  What are its other handy features?

Support for Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress

HootSuite has just introduced support for Facebook and LinkedIn. It also supports WordPress blogs. This is ideal if you wish to have a way for scheduling posts and messages to different networks. The platform supports alerts as well as stats tracking.

Managing multiple users on different networks

HootSuite will simplify the task of managing multiple users over many social network accounts for an organization or company with more than one contributor. Its enhanced visualizations link statistics add value to the use experience. Graphs give both individual message statistics and a summary.

Organize your social networks

The multiple streams feature ensures that you will not miss any update. You can organize your social networks the way you like – into news, friends, keyword tracking, search terms etc. A drag & drop feature lets you move individuals into list streams with ease.

There are many more services, as stated above, that you can turn to apart from Salesforce and HootSuite. We shall look at them in the upcoming posts of this series. So keep reading and do share your experiences with us…