What are the ingredients of a precise PPC ad copy?

Remember, your Pay Per Click or PPC ad campaign will be successful only if it stands out among the crowd. People must take notice of it and be prompted to act upon it. Then only the doors of success will open for you. Search advertisers must employ intelligent and innovative strategies to score over their competition. The key to success lies in certain secrets that I am going to share with you…

As we’ve checked in the previous post, the important aspects that define an effective PPC campaign include correct keyword variations, precise ‘pre-qualifying’ of users, and a good Conversion Tracking mechanism, all of which will certainly result in qualitative lead generation. A good grasp of the following factors is crucial in your quest:

Your target audience base and demography
A thorough understanding of your target audience, coupled with common sense, is the basic aspect that you need to get right! The demographics of your market reach – geography, gender, age, income etc – will inform you what kind of messages your prospects will be most receptive to.

In practical terms, you cannot make use of the same writing style and subject matter for urban audiences in an age group of 20-30 that you would for say, rural or semi-urban people over 40. In essence, subtle variations will be needed to address and impress the different kinds of customer base.

Level of familiarity with your brand/products/services
Are the people you wish to address new to your product category, or are you advertising familiar products/services? Based on the level of familiarity, you will need to fine-tune your strategy. For example, if it’s a completely new brand or product, you will need to elaborate about it in your copy. Inform your buyers about the functionality and basic features it has, or why they can trust your company in delivering the kind of user-friendly services they desire.

If your products/services are already known and are being searched for directly, then you need not do so much of explaining. In such a scenario, you can afford to be a bit more discreet. Depending on your current market position, the degree of branding you seek will vary. Do you enjoy a good reputation? Is your company reasonably established? If yes, it may be more beneficial to push your product than the brand itself.

Basis on which you intend to sell
Are you going to sell on basis of price, quality or an intangible value proposition? While selling on price, it is vital to note free shipping if you’ve it, or simply sell the ‘concept’ that your prices are among the lowest. When harping on other qualities, make use of words that will appeal to the prospective buyers, willing to pay more – comfort, luxury, guarantee, etc. This is essentially bringing intangible value proposition into play.

To sum up, writing an effective PPC ad is all about clarity and transparency along with an element of surprise to grab the consumers’ attention – some interesting or unexpected lead ins! The key is to be creative and innovative while writing this type of content.