What are the ingredients of a user-friendly affiliate network?

Performance Marketing is an effective and powerful customer acquisition tool for online Merchants, who decide the respective commission structures to pay, and pay only when tangible results trickle in.

 Widely known as affiliate Marketing, it’s a proven option for Merchants to boost their sales, encouraging the well-performing affiliates. Commission is paid on events only like an actual sale or a lead generation.

  1. Look for an affiliate network with countless proactive merchants plus a variety of products and services on offer plugged into it. They pay commission on the tangible sales if you bring in a customer. The core idea and its implementation are obvious. It’s for you to decide the merchants whom you wish to promote and how to do so. You can check relevant stats in real-time if and when merchant commissions are generated.
  2. In order to participate, affiliates need to have a proper site address and an e-mail address. Through a top-level-domain name, and a catchy description of their motive to join a network, they can clearly differentiate themselves.
  3. While developing and executing your performance marketing plan, a user-friendly network offers the requisite support as well as expertise to optimize performance and end results. Various aspects like offer & pricing strategies, relationship development & management, creative optimization & upload come into play.
  4. Well-managed PayPerCall programs let advertisers and publishers develop as well as track offers even beyond the online realm through offline support to track leads and sales, which tie back to online and offline behavior of a consumer. This will invariably result in much more responsive and fruitful engagements, well-extended reach and better conversion rates.
  5. Success of any performance marketing program is equally dependent on a well-informed and elaborate product catalog. Many advertisers seek help of affiliate networks to design, construct and maintain their respective product catalogs, thus ensuring optimal results for the partnering publishers and themselves.
  6. A holistic affiliate network possesses the knowhow and practical experience to inculcate a sense of urgency as well as stimulate engagement in optimized online environs through banner ads and well-constructed landing pages to lead generators, emails, newsletters, and co-registration forms. It should easily be leveraged across a wide range of CPA platforms like affiliate, e-mail, display, newsletter etc.
  7. Performance marketing cannot work sans accurate and reliable tracking-reporting systems to track transactions back to their relevant source. An effective network revolves around a strong and superior tracking technology, right from inception and sale right to compensation stage. An affiliate network leverages its tracking platform to ably support offline sales and has the systems to support all of your channel expansion efforts.
  8. An online performance-based marketing initiative blended with channel partners allows you to extend reach, to keep your partners engaged, and to enhance the overall purchasing experience for consumers.
  9. A multi-faceted tracking platform should be customizable to back a wide array of transaction & payment arrangements. It offers infrastructure and expertise to publishers and marketers, keen to drive growth, traversing traditional affiliate relationships.