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Six ideas to improve the conversion of your website

Let us try to follow what conversion exactly means. As a majority of you might well be aware, it’s basically a process of achieving the primary goal of a specific page or site like selling products, filling up a lead form, or even making visitors read blogs. The objectives can be met successfully by enhancing the conversion rate. However, this is easier said than done. Continue reading

Designing and SEO Tips for Google Instant Preview

Designing and SEO Tips for Google Instant Preview

In the face of stiff competition from Microsoft Bing, Google has revised its search engine algorithm to provide faster search results. The latest feature to be integrated in the search engine is Google Instant Preview. According to Google’s official blog, the new functionality facilitates users to get results “as quickly as they type”. In addition to this, Google Instant Preview allows users to ‘preview’ results on the search engine result page (SERP) by presenting a screenshot at a click on the magnifying glass icon. Since Google continues to be the most popular search engine by far, it is essential that search engine marketing strategies are modified to suit this new functionality.

Designing Tips for Google Instant Preview

Google Preview offers a visual representation to users to determine whether to visit a website. This has a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of a site’s search engine marketing. The Preview functionality has made the first impression offered by a website more important than ever. Subsequently, the importance of website design has increased tremendously.

Google Preview offers a visual representation to users to determine whether to visit a website. This has a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of a site’s search engine marketing. The Preview functionality has made the first impression offered by a website more important than ever. Subsequently, the importance of website design has increased tremendously.

While modifying the complete website design or the user interface for Google Preview is not recommended, it is important to appreciate the need for bettering some aspects of website design. Below are some important designing tips that can make the functionality work for websites:

  1. Flash content may not be displayed by Google Preview. For critical content, a different presentation style is recommended.
  2. It is crucial to remember that not just the homepage of a website shows up on this new feature. Any indexed page can pop up on the SERP. While making alterations to suit Google Preview, website designers must consider design elements for an array of web pages.
  3. The size of the preview offered is quite small. Therefore, website owners have to ensure that the branding and logos are prominent and placed right on top of the pages. This will facilitate existing clients to distinguish particular websites and also further brand awareness.
  4. The use of colors that contrast with Google’s background is recommended as this makes websites more distinctive and easy for users to see as well as read.
  5. Google Preview necessitates careful use of layout patterns as well as white space on web pages, since these offers a sense of structure and improves readability.
  6. Website designers must consider font and page title sizes. Additionally, relevant and attractive headlines or titles can gear better click through.

SEO Tips for Google Instant Preview

Apart from website designing, SEO strategies, too, need some amount of revamping if businesses have to take advantage of the ‘searchscape’. The following are some SEO tips that can help websites stay ahead in the race:

  1. Refining of the meta-description becomes important. Although a sophisticated functionality, Google Instant Preview requires searchers to click on the preview button (magnifying glass) to derive an idea about the site. Websites, therefore, have to convince searchers that previewing the website will be in the best of their interest. An interesting and well-defined proposition, within 150 characters, offers the perfect incentive to searchers to preview particular website.
  2. Fixing header tags is crucial. Since the preview display is very small, it is unlikely that searchers will be able to decipher the entire text. However, the larger items in the header tags will be distinguishable. Searchers are most likely to use information in the title and the header tags to decide upon the page structure and usability of the website.
  3. Alt text is also important. Images that show up for relevant keywords must have descriptive and accurate alt text to grab the searcher’s attention.

Social platforms for emerging entrepreneurs to achieve success

Apart from LinkedIn, there are several popular niche business networks, such as StartupNation, Biznik, Entrepreneur Connect, and PartnerUp that we’ve previously covered. The network members can use an array of features and resources available on them to ask pertinent queries, post relevant answers and host informative posts to promote their company’s or own expertise.  Continue reading

Online resources to help entrepreneurs

As we are all aware, LinkedIn is a must-use resource for professionals either searching for a lucrative job opportunity, or looking to network with other like-minded individuals.  The networking platform offers many openings for emerging or even established entrepreneurs. Let us now consider some more popular social networks to fast-track your budding business on the path of success and prosperity.
Continue reading

Mistakes to be avoided while building your presence on social media

There are certain basic mistakes that should be avoided while planning and implementing your social media strategy. I shall be discussing a couple of them here so that you can stay away from these. The aspects may not appear very critical, but they do make a difference at the practical level since members of social networking sites can react to even seemingly trivial aspects that can become a full-blown crisis. Also, your competitors will instantly pounce on the opportunity. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: November 15-20-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Facebook Poised To Unleash “Gmail Killer” Email Service

Rumors have been spreading wildly since the popular social networking outfit Facebook has sent out a press invitation for an announcement Nov. 15 in San Francisco to unleash email service in its latest attempt that could make it a serious rival to Gmail…

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Google Earth Introduces Panoramic From 360 Cities

Panoramic are becoming increasingly popular, global search engine leader Google Earth’s ability to showcase a visually mesmerizing 360 degree panoramic view of the world’s terrain, cities, oceans, weather data, treks, and more never fail to amaze its users…

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AOL Rolls Out “Project Phoenix” Update To Its New Webmail App

Once ubiquitous, having lost the email crown long ago to Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo, now continuing its efforts to regain its glory, AOL unveiled a beta version of the new AOL mail — aptly code named “Project Phoenix” — with snazzy features to streamline communications…

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Microsoft And Facebook Deepens Office App Integration To Rival Google

Software monopolist Microsoft’s 2007 investment into Facebook keeps paying dividends for both companies in their battle against Google. Social networking titan Facebook on Monday announced that it is embedding Microsoft’s online versions of its Office applications into the Facebook messaging service…

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Yahoo Debuts “Contributor Network” — Seeks User-Generated Content

Internet giant Yahoo building on its acquisition of ‘content farm’ earlier this year, began unfolding its properties to outside writers, photographers and videographers on Monday with the launch of the “Yahoo Contributor Network.”…

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Google Launches “” For Stylish Women

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, in a move that marks Google’s attempts to keep its users informed about latest fashion trends and provide shopping recommendations, the Internet search engine giant on Wednesday sauntered into the world of haute couture with the launch of, an online shopping venture that analyzes women’s tastes and…

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Yahoo Takes A Jab At Google Instant With Rich Search Assist

Google is being stalked! In an attempt to outsmart Internet search engine behemoth, Yahoo is rolling out a new search feature that surfaces answers and results as you type based on search suggestions…

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Google Docs Gets A Makeover With Auto-Corrections, And LaTex Support

While we might be squabbling whether or not Google Buzz is dead, Google Docs is alive and well. For those of you who rely on Google Docs to organize their works, share files or simply process their thoughts, now have the reason to rejoice! In a blog post, the Google Docs team just added several new features that should come in handy in special…

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Yahoo Connected TV Platform Calls For Widget Developers

Yahoo is doing what it can to continue to promote its brand in solutions that present strong opportunities in the overall market. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based internet portal is expanding its Connected TV program so that developers can build fee-based widgets for television sets that use the Yahoo application platform…

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MySpace Creates Mashup With Facebook Connect

MySpace, once the dominant online social network, acknowledged today that social-media activity has shifted elsewhere by announcing an innovative service dubbed as “Mashup with Facebook” that will allow Myspace to suggest entertainment content to its users based on…

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Three quick tips for effective link building

Links – both incoming and outgoing – are extremely important to improve and sustain your search engine rankings over time. It is vital that you as a site owner focus on amassing as many quality links as you possibly can through ethical and fair means. If you ask me, I shall attribute the success of a link building program to mainly utilizing your assets; harnessing your USPs; getting your site noticed in the Web world and building a mutually beneficial, domain specific relationship. Continue reading

Start Your Online Journey With Long Tail Keywords

Start Your Online Journey With Long Tail Keywords

We ended last year with 234 million websites, according to England based Internet services company Netcraft. For anyone launching a new website, this is an overwhelming figure. How does a website get into a space like that and still get noticed? The answer is by using long tail keywords. I think I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading

Six basic facts of a sucessful social media foray for small businesses

Despite the fact that personalized or face-to-face networking with people at conferences or events is still powerful in creating your personal brand, social networking has emerged as an equally vital resource to build relationships with prospects and business stakeholders. Even as you carry on with your offline networking activities, it has now become mandatory to turn to innovative online tools, as they facilitate networking and make relationship building that much easier. Continue reading

New Google search experiment for brand marketing

Just about a year ago, search engine giant Google introduced a new smartphone application. It let users take photographs of objects and then receive search results in return. The company is all see to take this smart innovation into the realm of marketing with a new experiment that will allow top brands to use it in their respective promotional materials. Continue reading