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Three aspects that are critical to secure quality links

Remember, a sustained interaction with blog and website owners can result in a deeper business partnership, at times, which can benefit you well beyond just seeking a link. On the other hand, if they refuse to give you a link, don’t lose heart and make the mistake of ignoring them. Be gracious and thank them for considering your request. Continue reading

Elements that hold the key to successful link building

In order for a dynamic blog or a quality website to link to your business site, you need to first get it noticed by them. It is always a better idea to try and draw the Web world’s attention before actually seeking a link from reliable resources.  You can make use of a microsite for the purpose of linking to other credible online sources to bring in additional traffic. Continue reading

Ways and means to ensure sustained link building

Three are many different ways of building a relationship that ultimately helps in link building over time. Once you are able to get yourself noticed in the online world, the job becomes that much easier. There are a number of ways to achieve this, including direct emailing, Blog commenting and social media. There are different ways and means to ensure sustained link building. Continue reading

7 Tips to Ensure That a Slow Site Does Not Affect Your Google Rankings

7 Tips to Ensure That a Slow Site Does Not Affect Your Google Rankings

In an age where Google is coming up with products like Instant, the role of ‘speed’ in defining user experience is more significant than ever before. Users on the web try to find relevant information as fast as possible. And, the longer it takes for a page to load, the lesser time a visitor will spend on it. Penalizing for such poor service and inspiring for better user experience, search engines give an edge to sites loading faster over slow loading sites in the search results.

7 Tips to Speed up Your Site

Online businesses must take the below listed simple, yet effective measures to provide a better user experience to their visitors. This will ensure that they get rewarded by search engines in terms of better search rankings.


  1. Defining the height and width of images lets the browser continue with loading the remaining part of the page. Since the space for the image is already defined, it gets filled up later.
  2. To keep high quality images, along with the fast-loading preview images, multiple versions of images should be created. While the PNG format is great for high quality images, it grows in size really fast on adding colors. So, for larger images full of color, .JPG should be the format.
  3. Do away with as many images as possible. Use typography wherever it can replace graphics. As search engines crawl text, that’s better for SEO. For all images that are essential, make them as small in size as you can.
  4. Coding

  5. Bring down the size of the HTML page. Shorter the code, faster a site loads. By editing the code manually rather than using automated HTML generators like Frontpage, coding can be kept efficient and any tag that is not required can be eliminated. It can get troublesome for some browsers to load numerous levels of nested tables. If you have a skilled programmer, he/she will identify such an improperly nested table easily. If it still can’t be figure out, developers need to rewrite the code and simplify it.
  6. Using XHTML or “valid” HTML enables the browser to efficiently process the code. Several browsers become really slow in the “quirks” mode. Moreover, a lot of small mistakes get through. W3C’s Markup Validation Service helps in diagnosing errors in the code.
  7. Use a small style sheet that excludes redundant formatting specifications. While using a shorter style name helps, don’t try to replace any of the standard tags, such as H1 and H2 since Google crawler reads them better than any other unique tag.
  8. Java

  9. A browser processes HTML ten times faster than it does for JavaScript. Using PHP or moving the JavaScript to the server can speed up a website. Loading, interpretation and execution of JavaScript should be checked on various browsers. An HTML page should be kept exclusive of Java applets. By displaying all data in HTML, interaction with the database is minimized. In case of essential interactions, that should be selected on indexed fields only.

So, can you afford to lose a visitor just because he gets bored waiting for the site to load and leaving without even looking at your content? You lose readers and thus, everything you are trying to make money from – be it ad impressions or click-throughs. You don’t have an option. Pace up!

The relevance of B2B social media marketing

Promoting a new or even established brand through all-pervasive and popular social media channels is no longer a novelty — it simply has become the norm. From taco trucks to Starbucks, the usage of platforms like Twitter and Facebook is common. They are proficiently employed to spread awareness and enhance insight about a business among customers. The usage of social media channels between businesses is another key area. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: November 01-12-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Updated Gmail For iPhone And iPod Touch With Enhanced Scrolling, Toolbars

It is not merely Apple who is relentlessly on the brink to devise various ways for pleasing iPhone users. According to a post on the Google Mobile blog, iPhone owners who access Gmail through their prized possession on Apple’s mobile Safari browser, the iPhone’s default browser, will now experience a cleaner, faster interface thanks to some new…

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Microsoft Embraces HTML5 Over Silverlight

Adobe is not the only company being attracted by the sweet taste of HTML5, reports are swirling across the tech media and the blogosphere that Microsoft is shifting its emphasis away from its own Silverlight rich client environment in favor of HTML5…

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Google Maps 4.6 For Android Gets New Features

Google is embellishing more of its location-based services, this time with Google Maps for Android. In a last weekends blog post, search engine titan Google Inc. announced that Google Maps for Android has been updated to version 4.6 to include a few great and useful new features…

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AOL Launches Redesigned Homepage, Focuses On Video, Local Content

In an attempt to keep pace with escalating competition in the search and advertising business, AOL is trying to claim its glory again after breaking away from Time Warner. The struggling Internet pioneer has rolled out a newly redesigned homepage with more of a focus on…

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Microsoft: Hotmail Now Works With Any E-Mail Accounts, Even Gmail

Windows Live Hotmail has a new mojo up its sleeve–one that is aimed directly at getting users with e-mail accounts on other services to use it exclusively, even if they keep that address. Software monopolist Microsoft has announced a cool new feature that enables users to send and receive e-mail from a non-Hotmail accounts…

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Twitter Tinkers With Promoted Tweets In User Timelines

Things are looking better than ever for Twitter as it seriously mulls about how to make money on its service and experiment with advertising, has on Monday announced that it has initiated experimenting with the next phase of its “Promoted Tweets” introduced earlier this year into the Twitter user timeline via a test using Hootsuite, Twitter said…

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Google Pushes Beyond Clicks — Tests AdWords, Call Metrics Integration

What if AdWords and Google Voice had a progeny? For global search engine giant Google, an empire built on clicks, is slowly moving away from them as the only measure of success for ads. In the latest example, it is introducing an “AdWords Call Metrics” to its search ads, which will allow advertisers to add a unique toll-free number to their ads and…

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Adobe Unveils Connect 8 with New Features, Streamlines Web Conferencing

Adobe Systems has just polished up its web conferencing system Monday, with the launch of “Adobe Connect 8,” a new version of their web conferencing solution, which is based on Adobe Flash Player, and supports videoconferencing on desktops, in conference rooms and most mobile devices, and is designed to deliver effective and…

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Google Has Only Indexed .004% Of Gigantic Online Data

For the vast majority of masses, it is impossible to imagine their daily lives without the internet. Since the last decade, the internet has become an integral part of society. People use it to search for information, check their email or use Facebook and Twitter…

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Bing Personalized Search Activates Social Features From Facebook

Software monopolist Microsoft said today it has rolled out its new social search, Bing consolidation with Facebook, a feature that can reveal profiles and updates from your Facebook friends as part of your Bing search…

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Google Bars Facebook Access To Gmail Contacts As Rivalry Heats Up

For years, Facebook users have enjoyed searching and inviting Google contacts to join their social network through a single mouse-click. But now, global search engine behemoth Google Inc. is launching a salvo against Facebook Inc., saying it will no longer allow the social network to grab information about Google users’ social and…

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Google Phases Out “Sponsored Links” Adopts New Name For Ads: “Ads”

Attempting to bring some innovation to its advertizing structure, Internet search engine titan Google has now finished unfolding a mostly cosmetic change but an important one nonetheless. The paid search results on are now designated as “Ads” rather than…

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Google Adds Integrated PDF Viewer To Chrome Beta Channel

Four and a half months ago, global search engine leader Google disclosed that it was developing an “integrated PDF viewing experience” for Chrome. Now, the Google Chrome 8.0.552.28 Beta has finally been released with an integrated support for viewing PDF documents without…

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AOL Partners With Next New Networks — Debuts New Video Program “The ONE”

Attempting to keep pace with the emerging industry trends, AOL Inc., today announced an alliance with Ben Silverman’s digital studio Electus and Next New Networks to produce original daily video program that will be featured on its recently re-branded homepage

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Yahoo And Samsung Expand Availability Of Connected TV To Millions Across Europe

The faded Internet pioneer Yahoo and the South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung on Tuesday announced an extended partnership to deliver Yahoo! Connected TV in 26 new countries across Europe, enhancing Samsung TVs to 39 countries worldwide…

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Google Beefs Up AdSense Ads Into AdMob Network As Integration Begins

Apple gets all the press when it comes to mobile ads, but Google is poised to be the 800-lb. gorilla of the market. Barely six months after finalizing its $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising network AdMob, search engine Goliath Google took another step toward knitting together the largest mobile ad network today by integrating its enormous pool of…

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Google Promotes Chrome With Free In-Flight Wi-Fi On AirTran During The Holidays

Around this time last year, Google bestowed American travelers with the gift of free Wi-Fi at 47 major U.S. airports. This time, the move is a twist on a similar theme to provide free Inflight Internet to their passengers throughout the holiday season, the Google Chrome browser team…

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Google Unveils Visual “Instant Previews” For Search Results

Google, in its insatiable quest to create a speedier and more useful user experience, just keeps upping the ante for search engines — this time with some visual liveliness — on Tuesday unveiled Instant Previews, a feature that will let users get a glimpse of search results pages by hovering over a magnifying glass icon next to the link…

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Google Expands Search App To Windows Phone 7

While Microsoft and Google continue to be fierce tech rivals, on Monday search engine heavyweight Google extended its signature mobile search application to Microsoft’s fledgling Windows Phone 7 operating system, in a release that promises faster and more relevant search results, giving users an alternative to Microsoft’s own Bing search solution…

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Google Introduces Redesigned AdSense User Interface Globally

Advertising is the life-line of millions of websites, is not nearly as effective if it is not managed and placed to optimal effect. Marketers managing their holiday search campaigns may be pleased to hear that search engine Goliath Google Inc. on the Inside AdSense Blog announced the introduction of a redesigned AdSense user interface, which the company claims…

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Yahoo Releases Updated Mail And Messenger Apps For Android With Video Chat Capabilities

Now that front-facing cameras are becoming commonplace on smartphones, competing web outfit Yahoo has launched an updated version of Yahoo Mail Android app to all users of devices running under Google’s mobile operating system that includes, among other things, support for multiple accounts, photo browsing, and contact sync, complemented by the…

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Yahoo Names Time Inc. Exec “Wayne Powers” To Replace Joanne Bradford

Amid upheaval in Yahoo’s ad sales operation, and to thwart critics who continue to hound Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz for an unstable management team, the portal company has hired “Wayne Powers,” a former Time Inc executive, to revive its slumping ad sales business as its North American ad sales senior vice president…

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Google Proposes Center Of Excellence In India — Eyes Cloud Computing

Google, the world’s largest search engine colossus is pinning hopes on the ballooning cloud computing market in India, on Thursday announced plans to invest heavily in cloud computing by setting up a center of excellence and double its engineering headcount in the country in next two years, with Hyderabad as its global hub for the purpose, a senior company official said in a statement…

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IAC’s Barry Diller Surrenders Search Battle To Google, Will Focus On Q & A

If you have been on the web for around a decade now then you would know that, the immortal underdog in the search engine game is giving up its search efforts and will be focusing exclusively on Q & A from now on…

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Twitter Connects Users To Apple’s Ping For Music, Songs In Tweets

It was only a matter of time before music started appearing in tweets. Avid Microblogging website Twitter said on Thursday that users should prepare for a potential barrage of musical tweets after Apple’s social network Ping and Twitter announced a partnership today…

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Key aspects of a link building campaign

Link building is a vital aspect of search engine optimization. It involves a structured approach for conceiving and creating quality one-way inbound links. The ethical links are intended to prompt search engines to increase the ranking of your site. A one-way link, on a basic level, is perceived as a vote of confidence. It raises link popularity of your sites. Continue reading

How to gauge the mindset of your customers with social media?

Beneath the smart technology, a location-based service is fundamentally social in nature. A network like Foursquare provides a wide array of badges users can earn just by doing activities or visiting certain locations. Businesses can make use of these to entice customers. It is important for any fledgling business to always look for an opportunity to drive sales and promotion initiatives at off hours. Continue reading