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Be discreet while using social media. Here’s why?

A common misconception prevailing about using social media is that once you put up something, you can just let it be, and then things will take care of themselves! This is far from true. Once you comment or advertize on a networking platform, you must do a regular follow-up and find out the response from users your remarks or campaign are getting. Continue reading

Monitor the correctness of a social media campaign

It is important to realize that social media usage is something that demands skill and experience. The individuals in charge of it must be proficient in dealing with real time reactions. They should understand the ethos and philosophy of a company, which then need to be communicated to the target audience. Continue reading

Why does devising campaigns on social media demand care and caution?

What are the repercussions when a specific strategy or behavior pattern is deemed antisocial by a large section of social media users? Two large marketers have recently found how social media can prove to be a double edged sword if not handled carefully and tactfully. Here is what exactly happened… Continue reading

Speed and reach of social media makes it both a challenge and opportunity

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been accepted as highly effective means of reaching out to consumers. Businesses and advertisers are understandably keen to leverage their power. It is now widely agreed that the all-encompassing Web and social networking channels have provided small businesses with the much needed support and a virtually equal footing to compete against their bigger counterparts. The stakes are now even in the respective industry domains. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: March 14-18-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Adds “Click to Call” Features To Gmail Voice Calling

In an attempt to further widen its service, search engine titan Google over the weekend extended a small technological enhancement to its voice calling feature in Gmail with an ability to click-to-call on phone numbers instantly that friends, colleagues and other contacts send them in a… Read More

Facebook Plans To Start Groupon-Induced Service With Discount Offers

Popular social media giant Facebook Inc. is planning to experiment with a service initiated by Groupon, which provides consumers buy discounted one-time offers, an effort to utilize its 500 million-plus members to capitalize on the surging online-deal market, as it looks for new ways to… Read More

Microsoft Apologizes For Using Japan Catastrophe To Promote Bing

Software monopolist Microsoft’s Bing team sparked an online outrage when its Twitter donation drive for last week’s catastrophic earthquake / tsunami / nuclear meltdown that devastated large parts of north-eastern Japan, which was perceived to be a tasteless ploy to promote its Bing… Read More

Twitters’ Biz Stone Joins AOL, HuffPo As Strategic Advisor On Social Impact

On the heels of last weeks layoffs that left a reported 900 employees without jobs, internet behemoth AOL and the Huffington Post, said that it has tapped Biz Stone, co-founder of white-hot microblogging service Twitter, as a “strategic adviser for social impact,” the company announced… Read More

Microsoft Unfurls Internet Explorer 9, Its Impressive Browser Yet At SXSW

Software behemoth Microsoft’s long journey to rejuvenate its Internet Explorer, and deliver it as a competitive web browser against speedy upstarts like Google Chrome, finally reached its end tonight. After months of beta testing, on Monday evening Microsoft unleashed its new Web browser, Internet Explorer 9, at the hip event at South by Southwest… Read More

Facebook Nabs Google Corporate Dealmaker To Lead M&A Efforts

Preparing to gear up for more deals, Facebook has nabbed away Google Inc.’s director of corporate development, Amin Zoufonou, to lead its fledgling merger and acquisition efforts, where his responsibilities will likely include hiring other business development specialists and… Read More

StumbleUpon Unfurled New Alternative To Banner Ads: “Paid Discovery”

Revelling the $17 million funding round announced recently, StumbleUpon lets people easily share their favorite websites, and helps millions of readers explore the Internet, generating some impressive traffic in the process. StumbleUpon, at the SXSW introduced a new ad platform… Read More

Google Toughens Stance To Collar Counterfeit AdWords Advertisers

The humongous growth of the internet means that it is now easier than ever before to start a business and reach a huge audience. But counterfeit goods tend to make anyone unhappy in the long run. Buyers are frustrated when they discover the quality of the product is shoddy. Google on Tuesday announced three initiatives that it hopes will help weed out… Read More

Google Expands AdMob Support To Windows Phone 7 Plus Updates For iOS And Android

Smelling the ad dollars hidden inside the Redmond Vole’s WP7, search and advertising giant Google on Tuesday extended its AdMob beta SDK for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, empowering developers a new path to start integrating its advertising… Read More

Yahoo Mail Goes Social, Integrates Facebook Chat

Imagine having your social media Facebook contacts with you, even while you are sifting through your mails on Yahoo! Well, it is true, users of Yahoo Mail can now chat with their Facebook friends from within Yahoo Mail… Read More

YouTube Acquires Irish Video-Enhancing Firm “Green Parrot” To Improve Video Quality

While our eyes have somewhat habituated to the herky-jerky, average YouTube video shot by amateurs, the popular Google owned video-sharing site YouTube wants to make it better for us, and to raise those standards. Just after snapping up Next New Networks, YouTube has acquired… Read More

Bing Unveiled “Attractions Pages” With TripAdvisor And Others For Travel Planning

Continuing its goal of expanding its travel-related features, Microsoft’s Bing, this time rolled out new “Attractions Pages”, featuring museums, tourists spots and other activities, in tandem with partners TripAdvisor, Frommers, WCities and ZventsRead More

Google Bundles Up Docs With Livelier Collaboration Features

Basically, Google Docs is conceived for writing. But often there is a need to write about what is been written. That is why, the search engine giant on Wednesday, enhanced its Google Docs product with a next-generation commenting system it has dubbed as “Discussions,” which will… Read More

Factors that decide the choice of ads shown on Google

Google Analytics helps you to follow how your users or the potential customers interact with your site. It’s a handy web analytics tool, which can offer in-depth data on your site usage which sites and key search engine terms direct people to it. This information and analysis lets you take up appropriate marketing activities and define strategies so as to enhance your AdWords performance, grasp visitor preferences; follow what exactly they do on your site, and improve your site design. Continue reading

Targeting your ads to specific countries or cities

You can choose any particular combination of geographical locations to target with your Google ad campaign, to focus on countries, regions, territories, cities and specific custom areas. For instance, if you wish to access English-speaking users in certain areas, you might target key regions within the US and perhaps a few large English-speaking European cities. If you run a food chain in New York, obviously you should target ads to that area, to increase their effectiveness. Continue reading

Techniques for evaluating ad performance

By comparing their respective performance, you can work out which of your different ads are the most appealing from your customers’ point of view. For example, check which ad incidentally has a good CTR and improve the one with a lower CTR. It is recommended that you test about two to four ads in a group at a time. Continue reading