Monthly Archives: June 2011

The search engine giant tries to catch up with the social media leader

Google has made an attempt on many occasions in the past, albeit without much success at it, to take on the might of popular social networking platform and ride the new media wave. Of course, we all remember Google Buzz and then Orkut, or for that matter, Google Wave! Google is not going to give up so easily, it seems. Continue reading

Consider business domain and target audience requirements for your ad campaign set-up

There is always further scope for improvement in a PPC campaign. And the best possible way of checking of what exactly is working and what probably isn’t is to test the effectiveness of PPC campaigns, respective ad groups, ad text and site landing pages on a frequently basis. Continue reading

An expert aligns your campaign to broader business goals

The resource you choose for executing the key task should be able to make sure a PPC ad campaign not only offers high visibility, but also provides result oriented and desired exposure to your target audience. The idea is to see to it that your campaign is tuned to broader business goals – both in the short term and the long term. Continue reading

Which are the fundamental steps to set up an ad campaign?

It is pertinent to hire experts who will help you to run highly successful pay per click advertising campaigns. The process primarily involves buying sponsored advertising on search engines. This is another major source of online traffic that businesses can effectively tap to shore up their online presence. Continue reading

Attributes of a competent PPC campaign management resource

You need a good PPC campaign management resource that can take care of your accounts and campaigns well. What are the attributes of a reliable service that will ensure that you are able to make gains?  Let us try to summarize the virtues that will make you task of arriving at a decision in this regard: Continue reading

Five reasons to seek expert advice for your Internet marketing

In order to effectively popularize and market your business site, you should not only be able to fetch the requisite traffic, but also to achieve the desired conversions by efficiently tapping into your customer base. For this, you need to employ a combination of various tools and strategies such as SEO,  email marketing, and PPC. Continue reading

Marketing of Movies – Moving with the Times

Imagine being given an opportunity to feature in graphic novel created to advertise a movie. Does this excite you? Would you apply? Relativity Media President of Marketing, Terry Curtin has chosen to do just that. For marketing the movie Immortals, Relativity Media in collaboration with social media network Facebook has created a section on the network which allows fans to apply to have their images used for one male and one female character in the graphic novel. Continue reading