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Essential ingredients of an effective PPC campaign

A successful PPC campaign demands a great deal of expertise so it is advisable to approach a professional and expert resource that can manage it end-to-end; right from early setup, monitoring to modification of pay-per-click search term bids. This also includes keyword management for both minimum and maximum bids as well as elimination of unwarranted price gaps existing between you and your immediate competition. Continue reading

7 steps to ensure a good ROI from your ad campaign

To maximize your ROI as well as minimize your risk, your ad campaign should have a solid base. For this, you need to understand the specific domain needs. There is no magic formula or instant solution to creating attention-grabbing ads. Here are a few important things to keep in mind: Continue reading

Hurdles that a new PPC campaign can face and how to overcome them

One of the trickier aspects of a PPC campaign is the early monitoring and management. Most paid search practitioners tend to adopt a data-driven approach to the task. What are the issues faced in a new paid search campaign and how to deal with them? Two major problem areas can be higher CPAs than expected and lower volume than anticipated. Continue reading

Connect and engage with your prospects with a capable Q&A platform

A Q&A section is an excellent way to connect and engage with your prospects by arousing their curiosity, prompting them to ask questions, and answering the same. They become a part of the process and start associating with the platform. If you are able to establish the resource as a credible authority that comes to be respected by the industry people, it won’t take too long for quality links to follow, and enhance the conversions. Continue reading

A great tool to generate leads and increase conversions

Will you link to pages from business/ commercial sites, or to some user-driven ‘how to’ or Question and Answer pages? Let’s assume that both options are valid to your subject matter. I am certain that you will go for the second option in such a scenario. There are obvious reasons for this preference on part of search engine users, a trend that has only got more and more apparent in the recent years. Continue reading

An effective action plan to draw natural links

If you are going to write a series of informative pieces on insurance or mutual funds for your finance blog, keen to access a wider pool of users across the Web, the key is to keep them factually correct and informative, updated and contemporary. The most important aspect is to make the content useful and relevant for your users. Next part is linking it up to external sources to add value and context to it. Continue reading

Importance of Q and A sites to diversify your backlinks profile

Q&A sites impart greater depth to search experience, enhanced by the richness and freshness of the content on such sites that give them a head start over static pages. Certain basic experiments with competitive generic keywords alongside related queries for those terms can help you actualize this. In the backdrop of generic keywords versus search questions scenario, one may broadly conclude that Question and Answer sites have steadily grown in popularity among experts as well as laypeople. This is a very significant development trend from the point of view of SEO. Continue reading

Why do presence on user-driven platforms make your site search engine friendly?

To find information about products, services or out of sheer curiosity, people do online search on top engines like Google and Yahoo. Apart from generic or specific keywords, they may also type in questions to dig out data from the vast online treasure trove. There has been a steady rise in the volume of question quarries. Why the webpages on Question and Answer sites are gaining in prominence as far the search engine rankings are concerned? Continue reading

What are the different social media channels and their advantages?

An array of new media channels are now available, providing an effective means of reaching out to prospects on the Web. Developing a strategy for branding and marketing on these networks necessitates proper integration of the different forms and platforms. We shall consider some of them in this series of posts: Continue reading